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    Which kind of drawings can we expect from primary children on-Fundamental duties?

    Young children have very little idea about the fundamental duties. They will be familiar with respecting the National Flag and symbols, not to cut trees and maintain a clean surrounding, safeguarding the monuments of our country, as it is a part of their syllabus.

    Based on the above knowledge, what are the other kinds of pictures the child can draw on the topic "fundamental duties", children who are of the age group 6years to 10 years, grades 1 to 5. Teachers having ideas can share by giving atleast five points.
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    What I understood from my children behavior and other children of primary sections that they are more interested with cartoon character which they were impressed and liked them and they also draw the transport vehicles like auto, scooter, bus and train and even the airplane. Their the drawing may not be good and legible but their intentions to drawn such characters are abundant and we should encourage them. The children should be allowed to drawn characters of their choice and we should not force them and that kind of freedom would bring more creativity within them.
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    There are many books to teach drawings to children. In those books, we will see trees, flowers, birds, animals. The kids will be asked to colour those sketches with colour schemes they have given in the book. We have purchased those books for my grandchild. What I do is while my granddaughter starts colouring those sketches, I will start telling her the importance of those species and how we should respect them. When she was colouring a cow I tell her how important a cow is for us and how we should to protect it.
    The same way I show her some pictures of our great leaders and tell her how they worked hard for obtaining freedom to the country. Recently I showed her a drawing of the traditional Ballot box. Then she asked me what is that box for? Then I told her about the voting and election process. I think like this we have to design our own way to make them aware of the fundamental duties and their importance.

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    Children try to draw what they perceive in this world by talking to the parents or observing others. So they will draw only some limited things from their understanding of the world around them. How to inculcate to draw them to a particular theme or scheme would not be an easy task but if we are able to explain them in simple words like what are our duties and what we should do or what we should not do then probably they may get some clue to draw from those hints given to them. Still, it would be not so easy to make them draw about some concepts.
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    I would like to share my experience here, children had drawn their hands with different heights showing the different fundamental rights which was really a good sign. The first thing that came to many children's mind was the respect for the national flag, they had drawn it beautifully.
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    When you ask the child to draw something suddenly, they would surely draw a circle and then make out some formation out of it and therefore circle is the easy drawing for them.
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    Children like to draw what they are interested in like cartoon character- Donald duck, Popeye, Superman, Batman, spiderman etc, besides flowers, birds, kites, toys. but some students are creative and innovative since their childhood. My nephew when he was 4 years old he could draw beautiful drawings as mentioned above. He showed me his beautiful work. He is now a young boy but still keeps his childhood drawings. I see other boys, especially, girls who are more interested in drawings and draw natural scenery, human-drawings amazingly. How a 5th class student can do all this, is simply great

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    It is class second, third and fourth students who had also drawn on saving water and saving environment by saving forests.

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