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    What is the future scope of working as cathodic protection in underground pipeline as an engineer?

    My friend (college buddy) started working in an underground pipeline company as cathodic protection 3 years back after we both completing engineering graduation. He tells me about very harsh working conditions by visiting hazardous sites, hazardous plants, frequent travel day and night without work-life balance, severe harassment. I also feel very bad that he was told to drive from Bangalore to Chennai for site work even if the company is supposed to provide a driver or else he was told to resign. Should he have to continue to frequently travel like this and work in hazardous sites through entire career or entire life till old age by sacrificing work-life balance or is there any chances of getting better options or getting balance or stability in this career after having at least 6-10 years of experience by traveling and working in hazardous plant or sites? He is a very good friend of mine and also a well-wisher of me. I am fond of him and love him. Actually, I don't want to interfere with his career and he has the maturity to understand which is good or bad for him. I want to suggest him better scope in this line.

    Also for me, I started a career in industrial automation in a panel manufacturing company 2 years back. Now this year, I got resigned from this job in the industrial automation field and I realized that the factory work environment is not suitable for me. Also, I am preparing to get into the analytics field as I am interested in deriving insights of analytics from data and making decisions. Is data analytics a good field in India even though I am an Electrical Engineering graduate. Will it be worth it if I start a career in data analysis using Excel in a startup company or NGO and then move into SQL, python, and machine learning afterward? Is it possible for you (who will answer my question) to suggest some startups in India especially in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi/Noida/Gurgaon where I can start a career at an entry-level even though I am from Kolkata?
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    I can understand the ordeal and challenges being faced by your friend as cathodic protection engineer in the underground pipeline works and that would be more challenging during the summer days when the underground humidity would be too hot to hear. From your writing it is understood that he is working in Chennai and vicinity areas which are proven to be hotter climate outside and we can understand the plight of workers working inside the tunnel. Surely fatigue and the non liking of work would set in if the atmosphere and cooperation from the company is nil and one would not waste time with such companies where the life itself at danger and there is no assurance from the company about the safety and security of employees working in underground pipeline. Any work should be interesting and not troublesome.
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    The job position as of now is not that good in our country and many unemployed people are roaming on the roads searching for a job. During this Pandemic situation, I have seen Engineers who are going for unskilled daily wages works also to take care of their family. Your friend may be suffering a lot, but at this juncture resigning from the job is not worth. If it is very difficult and it is telling upon his health, then it may be different.
    Analytics is a developing field and many openings are coming for that subject. It is good you are acquiring some additional skills in that field. You start your work in any organisation and start gaining experience. When nothing is there in the hand, whatever comes in our way should be accepted and while working there, we can try for a better placement. That should be the correct approach. So don't wait for a job in an MNC with a high salary. Join in the job you got and learn additional skills.

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    The present situation is not very conducive to resign the job at your hand. The job market is so dull that I have seen many promising engineers doing the jobs of casual labours inside Bokaro Steel Plant and it would appear strange for you that no vacancy of permanent nature has been advertised since 1990. The bright engineers are forced to accept such assignments due to their family pressure.
    Hence your friend should look ahead when his wish would be fulfilled but at this moment, he should maintain patience not hurriedly resigning from the current organisation. He should definitely gain experience in such tools like data analytics or any area of his deep passion. There is always hope of light after passing through the darker tunnel. Your friend is sure to grab a job of his choice once the present COVID situation receds.

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