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    Electoral system and digital India

    Now we are in the age of digital India then why the election procedure should not be digitalized too along with conventional electoral system. On the election day People come out in large number, stand in queues and wait for their turn to cast their vote. It takes a lot of time. All markets, business establishments, offices, schools, colleges are closed on this day which causes loss of business as well. When this system was adopted we didn't have advanced technology so we chose this system of electoral procedure. Now when every work is going to be performed online then why casting can't be performed online as well. It will save time of people and those who are not able to come to polling booth can vote from their homes. However, if someone wants to go to polling booth they can go to use their voting right in conventional way.

    What is your opinion about this issue.
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    Good suggestion from the author as the election cost keep on increasing every year and there is need for bringing far reaching changes through digital India voting process. That means each voter who was registered with state or central level EC , they would get a OTP and through which they can caste their votes before the expiry time and that can be done from anywhere without knowing to any party. Everything should be fool proof and no candidate would even know the voting pattern, the trend and the likes of the voters.That way far reaching changes can be initiated and this is possible through Modi government only. The voting percentage would be great, even those who are absenting would also make their choices if the digital India vote was initiated. Hope this suggestion goes into the mind of the CEC and SEC.
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    That is a good thought. These days we are having all transactions online. All financial transactions are also online. So if voting can be made online the issue will become easy and there will not be any chance for malpractices. So the think tank of the election commission and the government can work out a good system so that we all can vote from our house. Sending OTP to the mobile and voting once we received the OTP is one way. But completing all the voting in 12 hours may be difficult. So we may have to spread it for a week or 10days, the process will become easy. But conducting simultaneously online as well as in a conventional way is also a good approach.
    The Election commission has to work through National Informatics centre and see how best it can be designed. But shortly, I feel this will happen. If not in 2024, it may definitely happen in 2029. Let us hope for the best.

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    If elections could be held online using secured systems then there is nothing like that as it would help people immensely and as well as help Govt as so much arrangements for people during the election time would not be required. But it will require very big security in the internet which might be a question mark seeing the hackers and other evil elements making havoc in online world.
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    There are some ways by which an electoral system can be made online in a fool proof manner. First is linking it to Aadhar number and verifying it with the mobile number or PAN card number. If verification is complete then only the person would be able to cast the vote. So, it means that first we have to make our Aadhar system or citizenship number more robust and foolproof so that no one can fake an identity. It will require a huge online portal with many security features and verification mechanisms. The problem sometimes would be that some of the voters will not be able to understand this online system and would require help from others which is not a desirable thing in a voting system. So there will be many teething problems in such an online platform where people have to vote online and we have to see that wrong votes are not casted and fake identities are not to be used. It also requires that as soon as someone dies it should get updated in the Aadhar portal as well as any such citizenship data base and as soon as someone enters the voting age it should be included in the voting database. The updating the data base is always a problem in countries like India where the implementation at lower levels is very weak as a majority of working people are not efficient to the desired level.
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