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    Is it good to conduct success meet of elections by BJP in this grave Corona pandemic situation?

    Of course BJP got good results in the elections conducted for Bihar state and other Assembly by polls. On the eve of it, BJP conducted success meet at their head quarters in Delhi. While our PM time and again advising people to take undue risk because of government gave relaxations. But BJP itself conducting success meet with thousands of people gathering at one place very closely. Is it not gaving scope of risk to thousands of followers of its party and public in general. Why can't they arrange such success meet through online. Members, what is your frank opinion about this issue?
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    First of all elections shouldn't have happened during this Corona time. We could see large gatherings during the election campaigns. If we did not raise our voice at that time, we don't have right to question the success meet of BJP this time.

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    Only something which is of national interest and emergency should be observed during corona period and no meet or fun party should be organised by any party. This is the time to avoid gatherings as far as possible. This is the time when leaders and people in high positions should present an example in front of the public and if they cannot do that then they have no right to complain that public is not observing the basic precautions. We must observe the rules and regulations for which we are always criticising the others that they are not doing it. This is not a time to enjoy fun and frolic gatherings or celebrate the success or anything like that.
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    Probably the BJP is upbeat with the stupendous performance in Bihar elections as they not only polled 66 percent of seats as won but also going to form the govt on their own and of course Nitish Kumar being the Deputy Chief Minsiter. For the first time BJP has done relatively well than expectations and thus the joy and the plan was to be discussed in the meeting and therefore it was arranged. Because the BJP has the next target of Bengal and therefore actions plan is being charted out at this meet. Though meeting and gathering should be avoided during this pandemic spread, if the party is adhering to social distancing and asking the cadre to behave with full following of covid rules then nothing wrong to celebrate and deliberate the future action plan of the party for the coming state elections to various states.
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    That is the problem with most of us. We advise others not to do certain things while we ourselves indulge in it. A good example would be a father telling his kids not to smoke while he himself smokes regularly in front of the kids. One should lead by example and that is what is missing here. The same types of gatherings are observed during the election campaigns and there are meetings and processions by the political parties going on at many places almost on a regular basis. Whether it's an individual or an organization or any political party everyone has to behave responsibly in this pandemic situation.

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    We don't practice what we preach or teach. That's the problem with the public of India, especially the politicians and their followers. We go blind with the orders, instructions and regulations. Most Indians practice don't care attitude. Generally, we have mad politicians and political groups. What to do? Live with it.

    When we see the crowd in trains, buses and markets, I don't think the political crowd will make any difference.

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    For political parties there is a compulsion to have public connect and the party cadre connect through which they need to take collective decision to chalk out the future program. The covid disease seems to be unending process and for that reason the political activities cannot be put on hold. And when the winning is occurring amid covid spread and with exit polls predicting reverse, the upbeat of party has to be understood for the stupendous success and therefore such meets gain importance and the next target states like Bengal and Telangana are in the radar of BJP to grab power and therefore this meet amid pandemic.
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    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree with the author. There is no necessity of conducting the success meet in this pandemic situation. Why should we take the risk? Generally. BJP high command is very careful in such issues. But why they have gone for it is a big question? They might have conducted the success meet online. TDP President Naidu is doing many such meetings online. Even BJP is also doing many online meetings. But why in this case they deviated is to be known.
    Probably the party cadre is overwhelmed with the performance of the party and they might have insisted to have a meeting with Modi.
    Anyhow the party performed well and the voters kept their faith in the party. That might have given them lots of happiness and in that hype, they might have gone for this. However political parties should try to avoid such meetings in person.

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    Several political events were held during pandemic. Congress government in Madhya Pradesh was toppled by BJP, ensued to swearing ceremony and now Bihar elections and by-elections in several states. In this situation why BJP conducted this Victory day is an irrevlant question.

    I think all precautions to protect from cornovurus are for our own safety . Who cares of these guidelines and who doesn't depends on person to person.

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    BJP being the ruling party could had shown it as an example by not celebrating in that way and could had advertised it that as they did not celebrate so other people should also avoid any gatherings etc. It should had been a good message by them but they somehow missed that opportunity. It is also true that what we preach is not what we follow and that is one main deficiency with most of us.
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