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    Teachers are moving ahead to meet parents virtually.

    Earlier days when the advent of technology was just starting its foot prints, teachers were messengers. They would visit parents personally to inform and invite them to the events, functions, celebrations like Independence day or Republic day.

    After the mobiles have sprang up, it was convienient to pass the message through a conference call too. These days after the virtual classes has raised it's own fame, teachers call them through skype or zoom to explain and invite them, to ease them from travelling hardships.

    After so many years also, why do you think there is no change in role of the teacher besides the methods for giving the information? Discuss
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    Covid has taught has many lessons and especially the education sector was caught unaware with sudden pandemic disease spread and the aftermath strict rules has forced many schools to even shut down and go for other kind of business as there is no firm assurance from the government as to how to tackle the schools and colleges when they are thrown open. But above all the parents are not interested to send the children amid covid fear and therefore teachers has to look for newer ideas and parent connect through their own way of maintaining contacts and be in touch with the parents and make sure that the academic is not wasted, the child is getting arose with new education way of teaching and thus role of teacher post covid assumed significance even though they are not paid or paid half salary in many cases.
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    Indeed covid has completely changed our life. We all never expected before regarding this drastically changing life. Our education system has got a new way for educating new generation. This pandemic has compelled us for living in virtual world. Whether all education sector's situation would be change or not post covid. It is a matter of confusion. Now a days, teachers are not only taking online class but they are easily contacting with parents through online on school related matter. I think there are using same method of contacting them because of easily access to meet them through this device.

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    Online education has got widespread due to COVID 19. Before COVID also we have the online education system. But it is a very limited application. But COVID forced it. In a school atmosphere teachers always prefer real meeting with the parents of the students so that some useful discussions will take place. So they used to invite parents to the schools and participate in the meetings. Many schools will maintain a small book with each child and that book is known as a communication book. Parents should see that book daily for the updates. In those books teachers used to write the date and time of the meetings.
    Now the system is changed. Mobile phones are there with almost all the parents and teachers may be sending messages on this mobiles. This the changing technology brought. There are many such advantages from technology. Now everybody started using this technology for their convenience.

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    The author has her views about teacher's role pertaining to parents/guardians of students and the role of a teacher has/had been as a messenger only for ages.According to her Earlier he used to visit guardian/parents in person but after the inception of technology era internet is used to contact them. She emphatically opined that only modus operandi has been changed over the time, else role is as it is.

    She might have seen this practice but I am not aware of it that teacher is merely a messenger or one who provides information to the concerned people. I think teacher has and had never been merely a messenger . However, if he has to inform to parents or guardians of students he can use latest technology- social media, email, phone etc but Generally, the message which he wants to send to them he/she gets it down in diary of students. Earlier mode of transmitting the message was verbal through students. What the author has pointed out it could be related to the primitive era of education.

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    Teachers are not only messengers but they have a greater duty of conveying the correct information about the progress of the students. The communication between he parents and the teachers is of utmost importance. An appropriate and precise communication can save the life of a student who otherwise can follow a wrong path. So teacher is not supposed to tell about the homework and such things only but he should observe any marked difference in the student which is an indication that his mind is somewhere else and definitely a teacher can warn the parents that the students is to be observed as what are his activities outside the house. If a teacher does it then he is a successful teacher. I agree that few teachers will be doing communication from that perspective but it is required for the well being and successful future of the student.
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    Correct. Teachers are in the move to meet parents but parents are not. A friend of mine never go to the school where his child is studying except on the day of admission. For the rest of the days he send his wife to the school. But the pity here is the mother is from different language as mother tongue. The father accepts whatever his wife communicate in connection with school development. The child is getting tortured.

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    Let me throw some light on the topic discussed. Messengers here refers to role of teachers changing over a period of time from regular movement to talking to parents using smart phones, laptops which is just on finger tips.
    I agree with your point of view that parents are not co-operating with teachers on similar lines.

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