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    Indian traditional medicines curing capacity even baffled WHO

    India has now been recognized as the global player and leadership in showing the world that Indian traditional medicines which were used to treat the Covid patients has proved to be beneficial as we are able to contain the worst spread and also had the control over the deaths which was projected very high by WHO when pandemic started in India. Now WHO has been appreciating India's effort and even seeking India to play major role when Vaccine find becomes reality and that is the great recognition and pride factor for every Indian.
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    Indian traditional medicine is having a lot of benefits. This medicine will never have any side effects. Sometimes, it may take more time to get cured but once it is cured it is permanent forever. But people don't have the patience to wait for some time so that they can get cured without any side effects. But to decide on the correct treatment the doctor should have a full understanding of the system. These days we are getting good doctors even in Indian Medicine and people started believing these doctors.
    One of my distant relatives was identified as cancer infected and the allopathic doctor's told that she may not survive for more than 6 months. The family went to an Ayurvedic Doctor. He studied the case completely and gave some medicines. Now she improved a lot and the CT scan showed that 90% of the problem is sorted out. She is continuing the medicines and she is now perfect.

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    Traditional Indian medicines like Ayurveda and nature cure are more of preventive in nature rather than curative. There are many traditional medicine system in the world in different parts of the globe but most of them are preventive in nature and that is the reason if a person is severely affected by an infection he has to be taken under the shield of modern medicine. So we have to adopt these traditional herbs and associated remedies for our well being and increasing the immune system and resistance for the ailments and even if we get the infection, because of our resistance we might get well soon. So this is the inherent strength of our traditional medicines but we should not have over confidence in their curative powers as that is not established scientifically. I will again repeat that it is preventive only.
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    When our forefathers have sustained the use of traditional medicines with good health that proves.
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    Ayurveda is a very old method of treatment of diseases. It studies the properties of different natural herbs available. As it is projected that It has no side-effects and safe to use. But Allopathy is a scientific pathy based on modern research, although it has side effects, it us the need of the hour as it quickly gives relief to patients. Also, people are mentally in haste, they want instant relief which disease they are suffering from. I don't know how much effective ayurvedic treatment of coronavirus is but as the author has suggested that it has benefited patients to be cured and doctors are prescribing it to treat corona patients is good news. According to him even WHO has praised the old and traditional Indian system of medicine.

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    I think the author has shared a piece of news that was reported somewhere in July or August this year and so is not relevant for the situation now as far as containing the spread of Corona is concerned. Indian traditional medicines help in raising our immunity and thus can assist in restricting the spread of COVID but there are no reports that such medicines can cure COVID.
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    It is very well to praise the"Ayurveda", but how many of those who praise it prefer go for ayurvedic treatment when there is any ailment? Ayurveda and Homeopathy medicines are used after trying Allopathic medicines only. Some prefer these two only because of the side effects of allopathic medicines.
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    Indian system of medicines are very much effective in treating different disorders provided right amount of herb and related medicines are administered under the supervision of Vaidyas. Administration of medicine is to be taken up after the detailed investigation of the patient. The duration of the dose, quantity of medicines and other pathya are to be taken into account. The results may not surface immediately but the overall effect can be noticed after some time interval. Unlike the other systems, the effects are permanent and not reversible with time. This system definitely works but it needs restoration of faith of the common man. Herbs are to be identified and protected so as to use the same in case of emergency.
    We have seen wonderful results in case of Rheumatism, Liver Disorder, Heart Ailment, Kidney Disorders and so on. Though there exists the Research- work in this system but still the same has to be intensified further for the benifits of common masses.

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