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    Another suicide case in Bollywood

    The nation has not forgotten the untimely demise of Sushant Singh Rajput so far. Meanwhile, Today there is another news of suicide in Bollywood. Actor Asif Basra committed suicide at a private complex in Dharamshala, He is 53 years old. He acted in many movies and also on TV. He acted in movies such as "Jab We Met", "Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai" and "Kai Po Che!".

    It was reported that he was staying in this rented complex from the last 4 or 5 years. The reasons for his death are not known. A forensic team arrived to find out how he died. The police are investigating the case. We have to wait for further news on the matter. A very sad demise and let his soul rest in peace.

    My condolences to all his family members.
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    Ever since Shushnt Singh Rajput committed suicide or having murdered the law enforcing agencies are behind the famed actors and small time actors for their involvement in drug racket and thus the very reputation of Bollowood is under the stake and with no activities or income source, those actors who are habituated with big living are unable to cope up and committing suicide. The the police does not know the real intention behind the suicide, surely the financial loss and no income from any source might have created the feeling of insecure life and thus committed the suicide. However the police are investigating the case. One thing is sure the Movide artist association which has the corpus fund must help those artistes who are struggling to survive and even small financial help would be great going.
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    I have watched this film "Once upon a time in Mumbai" in television. Ekta Kapoor was the actress for this film. Why quiet a few bollywood legends are committing suicide? This question is asked by many people. There should be a strong reason connecting the minds. Are they struggling to lead their lives due to covid -19, which is not providing an opporrunity for earnings thus reducing their regular incomes.
    Let his family get the strength to survive and overcome the loss. May his soul rest in peace.

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    The suicide by the artists shows that we do not have a conducive environment in these areas of fine arts, theatre, and dilm industry and it is not a healthy situation. Artists should get jobs and respect in the society to survive.
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    Once a person become an artist, especially a film actor, they tend to live a luxurious life. Many top stars roll in money without any worries. But when they become pauper with no chance to act, they cannot manage to live a simple and ordinary life. They get depressed and think of committing suicide than living an ordinary life. If lived, people would ridicule him.
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    Oh...that's sad. Many celebrities are being suffered from depression and committing suicide. Actually they live life lavishly and when they don't get enough money for fulfilling their needs they get in the depression. I don't remember his face but lack of money may be one the reason for his committing suicide.

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