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    Do the desk job create obese if the working hours beyond 8 hours?

    Some companies are engaging the employees for long working hours and they are basically the desk top oriented tasks and the employees are sitting in the same posture for more than 8 hours daily and thus there is every risk of developing obese body and pot belly for sure. Private employees cannot move out of office and they do not have the fixed working hours and thus exposed to more risk of heath related complications as regards to looking fat and beyond. Do you also feel that the more we sit in one posture, the more we get obese?
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    Sitting at a stretch in the same posture will create some complications and because of that, we need to take breaks from time to time. If the person sitting at a place for a long duration does physical exercises daily then I don't think it will make her/him bulky. But sitting in the same posture for a long duration is always strenuous. A bit of stretching during the breaks and the splashing of water on the face is relaxing. I do not know why the author said that private employees cannot go out of their office. It all depends on the surroundings and the situation. It may happen that due to excessive work pressure they are unable to go out during a break but that is not limited to employees in the private firms. Even government officials in the higher ranks face the same problem. It is correct that obesity is related to less physical activity and with regular physical exercise it is possible to stay fit even if one has to work for long hours at a stretch.

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    A few regular short work outs should be followed by desktop employees else it may lead to obesity.
    1. Move from your sitting posture, take a look outside the window. See greenary for twenty seconds.
    2. Take a short walk within the office for every half an hour.
    3. Drink water sip by sip in between, with a gap of fifteen to twenty minutes
    4. While speaking on mobile, walk and talk.
    5. In call centres it is difficult as space is limited. Stretch your self, stand up and sit down, bend to pick up things from thr ground.
    6. Take a walk early morning and evening for atleast 15 minutes.
    7. Use mudras, finger exercises which can be achieved from one place itself.
    Follow all these rules, let your laptop alarm you in between. Eat fruits and fresh cut vegetables rather than drinking coffee or tea. These schedules will keep you healthy and safe.

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    Yes sitting at a stretch for carrying out jobs of the IT company will ultimately prove to be strenuous. There is no escape one has to deliver results. Though there is no denying of this fact but still we can chalk out our plan with the little modifications. A little break from the sitting posture after an interval of an hour for ten minutes can be benificial with some movement activity. Ensure that you are enough hydrated so as to avoid fatigueness. You may take a bite of chocolate to refresh yourself. If you want to communicate with any one connected to your site, you may move around your place and proceed your communication.
    A little precaution with some healthy tips would avert any health complication as a result of long sitting.

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    Sitting is a very common posture while watching TV, driving the car, working in an office etc. But any sedentary posture like sitting or lying which continues for hours may cause several diseases like obesity, heart diseases, severe pain, diabetes etc.

    The author has raised a good issue about those employees who have a desk job where they have to keep on sitting for hours without moving from their place. It is harmful to their health. They should walk for a few minutes. It will change their posture and relax their body. Nowadays the workload is too much for them that they can't raise their head from their computer which is harmful to their eyes too.

    We need to get our calories to be burnt while we are working but sedentary posture does not burn the required calories which invites more or less 30 diseases if this practice is continued. It is always advised to these people that they should change their posture and they should not forget to do exercise in the morning for their fitness. It's mandatory for them.

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    Some desk jobs involve over attention in the works and not even having time to ease out for five minutes.
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    One should make the habit of getting up from the seat once in an hour and walk a few steps here there so that there will be some physical work. If we feel that we have heavy work and we can't move, we can get up from the seat and stand there for a few minutes os that there will be some change in the posture. Otherwise, sitting for extended words is not good for health. We will become sick easily. The problem is more in the IT industry as their job will be mainly a desk job only.
    Those people who have desk jobs should go walking daily in the morning. That will help them for maintaining them in maintaining their physique. They should not eat junk food. They should consume fruits and vegetables as much as possible and take less quantity of rice. These habits will help them to have good health aslo.

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    Continuous sitting in the same posture for a long time affects the health of a person and that is the reason why experts advise us to take a break after each hour or so and stand up, move here and there and then resume the work. People working in the office in desk work and computer professionals who sit in front of a computer screen for hours are more prone to such threats to their health.
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