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    Home made Deepavali sweets are better than shop varieties

    Hardly two days are left for the grand festival of Deepavali and many homes are getting ready to welcome the new year by performing puja to Goddess Lakshmi. On this occasion it is customary to prepare sweets and distribute among the relatives and friends. Unfortunately this festival is not going to be celebrated with over spending and pomp as people want to have control over the expense. One thing is sure as for the recipes of sweets are concerned nothing would match the greatness and preparation of home made sweets for everyone they love and bond.
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    Even though the festival is going to be celebrated on low budget, crackers can be reduced with more variety of snacks and sweets. These are the regular foods that children usually tend to look for. The holige or poran poli marking its importance on diwali can be made using coconut or with bengal gram dhal along with jaggery. Lighting of diyas using five oils mixed together is special. Some families lit a specific number of diyas. Houses are decorated with flowers and the beautiful rangolies grasping the minds at the entrance of a house builds positive energy.
    Home made sweets are made by mother, taking caring of the ingredients, to balance the health and also to bring joy on the faces of the family members. So it is better to make simple sweets at home, rather than buying costly sweets which will may not be sufficient too.

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    Shivedita Singh welcome to this site as new member and would appreciate a detailed response instead of one word.
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    At any point in time, for any occasion, homemade food items are better and they are healthy and safe. There is no second opinion about it. We always prefer homemade items only. This year because of Pandemic we stopped completely purchasing ready-made food items from outside. So this festival also we make sweets in the house and we will not purchase from outside.
    We have no habit of distributing sweets to neighbours for Deepavali. But in our office, we distribute sweets to all the employees and these will be purchased from outside. Generally, we will go for Haldirams sweets for this. The same packets will be distributed to the connected government officers also on this occasion.
    Firecrackers are banned in Telangana his year. So no firecrackers and no s tweets from outside also.

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    Any item including sweets made in the house would be better in many respect than the market. But many people especially where the both members work find it difficult to spare time for these cooking activities and then have to depend on the outside and have to buy from the market. In the market also there are many varieties available but even the costliest of them would also suffer in quality due to many reasons like adulterations and mixing of inferior product to reduce the cost of making. It is always better if one can do it in the house to prepare food items and sweets. Some people avoid it because they are not sure whether the home made sweets would be as delicious as the market ones and due to that lack of confidence they also have to depend on market sweets during the festival time.
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    No doubt that home made sweets and dishes are good, better and best. However, since all women in our houses are not expert cooks, the shop sweets are better sweets than the home- made sweets. There are many varieties of sweets that cannot be prepared by women at home. Therefore, I would say that both shop- made and home- made sweets are equal to each other.

    Women make sweets once in a while, whereas the shops make sweets everyday. Hence, shop- made sweets would be better than home -made sweets.

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    During this pandemic many households exchanged new recipes and thus making them for festival made easy.
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    Absolutely. Home made sweets are good because of adulteration people do during the festive seasons. I remember last year many people didn't buy sweets from outside as they were made from artificial milk/khoya. And after eating it lots of people fell ill.

    Although after the introduction on internet one may find recipe of different varieties of sweets .


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