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    Why such a difference in the prices of one particular item with different online suppliers?

    I am placing an image of a saree that I liked and surveyed. Just look at the cost and the difference below.

    Snapdeal - Rs. 588
    Flipkart - Rs. 424
    Amazon - Rs. 375
    Mirraw - Rs. 359
    Shopclue - Rs. 293

    How the online suppliers are looting the public! If you have doubt, just browse and see the reality.
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    The buyers in the earlier months were ladies who would wonder from shop to shop bargaining the price but these days they have no means. Hence shopping online is the only way out. It is clearly visible that online shopping will extract more money. The quaity of the product may not be upto the mark too. Shopping online has become a pride for some people too. The shoppers provoke by giving the time limit and special discounts to be unlocked within the set time frame. People fall prey to such heavy discounts which is not actual and they can get it delivered at their doorstep. This delivery makes them feel that they have saved the expense of moving around but it is deeply burning their pockets.

    We have to check for prices at various sites to arrive at the final conclusion. It is also a time consuming and requires lots of patience which is lacking in most people due to work from home schedules.

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    This is a valid post raised by the author and we are taken for a big ride by the online marketing portals as sometimes we are benefiting with less price and many a time we are fooled by paying more. May be some portals are getting direct supply from the manufacturer and keeping less profit margin before quoting the selling price. Some companies have schemes to woo the customers as they would be charging the other way or through the shipping costs. But clothing purchase has become big challenge and head ache and I have seen some sites hiking the prices if we visit for the same cloth again and again during the verification of price and the site admin thinks that more inquiries are made and thus prices increased. The online companies are taking us for ride and we have to be careful in pricing and make sure we get best deal.
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    True. I have also observed these discrepancies. The rates are varying. One reason that comes to my mind is overheads. The overheads for some companies where the business is less may be more and they may be loading more on the items they sell.
    Another point may be quality. Even in shops also the stocks which are old and which are having small easily undetectable damages are being sold at a very reduced and throw away prices during Ashadam. The same material may be sold online and the rates of such products may be very less.
    Another point I noticed is there will be a difference in the quality of the material. But the design will be the same. Once we have ordered the same item from two suppliers at different rates and we found that even though the design is the same there is a difference in the quality of the material they used.

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    Online shopping is always doubtful. The product looks excellent but when it's delivered it does not look the same it has happened with several people while shopping online. Now the author has disclosed another fraud of online shopping outlets. Now a days online shopping is trending for internet users. They trust in online shopping. Conventional shopping is always satisfactory for you because you can see the required item made by different companies and whichever item based on quality and rate sounds best for you, you can select and purchase.
    I never buy online .I prefer to purchase from market. A buyer can choose out of different products then and there.

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    The design and color may be the same but the quality may differ. This could be one of the reasons. It is always advisable to purchase items from the local market if they are available. In online shopping, there is no guarantee for quality.
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    There is variation in the prices and each seller has its own way of fixing price depending on its overheads and other expenses. At the same time it is also a fact that some of them are making more profit by increasing the prices and charging the gullible people more. It is always better to compare the prices online and even in the local stores before buying the items. There is no control on these people. They should not charge more than MRP as the practice is there in the local market. I do not know whether such a regulation is there for them or not. People are buying items from online thinking that everything is alright there.
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    That's only the image and not the original product. Nothing can be understood from the image of a dress. Along with the quality, the price of products also depends on the brand. A famous brand will sell their items at a comparatively higher cost though it depends on the types of items. I think this price difference will not be so much when you are going to purchase items of the same brand in different online shops. It's not an easy task to judge the quality of any cloth by looking at its picture and more interestingly cloth merchants are available everywhere dealing with various types of clothes whose price is hard to imagine if you do not deal with them regularly. While a weaver at a distant village weaves the dress and a retailer sells it online, dresses are also manufactured in factories and sold by famous brands. Everybody is trying to make a good profit and the customers remain confused which to choose when it comes to purchasing dresses online.

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