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    What do you think of Climate Change?

    Climate Change is one of the most challenging concern of our times. As a climate Counsellor, I am gathering the people's perception for it. Do you think, it is real? And how do you see your future with it? What do you think, how it will imapct you as individual? And how do it will imapct all of us in general? Whether our efforts for it should increase or complacency is the way you are okay with? What solutions you have for it? So this is your arena, you describe climate change based on the way, you see it.
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    Shivedita Singh welcome to this site as the new member and glad to see your first post on an International issue which is bothering every country and the nation. Yes climate change has been happening and the oxygen space has been eroded paving way for concrete jungle and the future seems to be dim and concerned because the lakes, the ponds going shrinking with encroachments and the green cover not created in front of every home as the urban real estate rates have sky rocketed and people are not taking any risk to leave even an inch for any public purpose. Gone are the days when the elders used to participate with the family members in raising saplings and trees, and now such activities are restricted to the schools and even schools are closed during this pandemic surge. The future is in the hands of young generation and they must understand the climate importance.
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    There are many reasons for this problem. But all these problems the root cause is the selfish mindset of the human being. During the 1970s, we used to sleep in front of the houses in open no folding type cots in our village. Many plants in and around and a very good breeze. A very nice atmosphere in the nights. No ACs those days. But the same village now is with ACs in every house and no space in front of the house to have a cot there. Those days we used to have tiled houses. But now we see all the concrete slabbed houses only. The human being population density is increasing. The density of plants and trees is coming down. Many ponds and lakes were close and the house was built on them. Oxygen generation sources are diminishing and carbon dioxide generation is on rising. This trend is to be reversed and the mother earth should be protected from greenhouse gases.
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    Thank you K Mohan@Moga and drrao ji. Still figuring out, how this site works. Coming back to the responses, I appreciate your stories , they are fascinating. I know the present generation does not have that time and stories but I am very sure that they will do their best to bring the things in the best shape. Yes, the situations are grim as of now.

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    Climate changes due to various reasons. First is the deforestation leading to global warming. Second is the green house gases. Underground water is getting dried up too.

    We as citizens of a country will face the repurcussions in our daily life. When it is schorching sunlight, it creates more sunburns and skin related problems. We may have to show plants and trees in pictures for the next generation, if the activities of people are not set right now.

    For farmers, when they expect rains, it may not rain leading to changes in crop yields or may not be able to do a few agricultural activities.

    If you want to know more about this site, have a look at this thread on section wise FAQs and guidelines and a few important changes, switching over to a true academic portal.This will help you understand in a much better way.

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