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    Students should not do a part-time job

    We see many students doing part-time jobs. Probably the reason may be that their family is poor and their parents are not in a position to bear the expenses of their education as well as running a family. But doing a part-time job undoubtedly distract their mind to concentrate on their study. I think it's their age to study only. They have a whole life to work in future. They will have to work once they have completed their study. but during their schools, days working part-time jobs will affect their study.
    It's also possible that when they are working, they are most likely to skip their classes if their shifts overlap their schedules. Furthermore, they will not have enough time to study. As a part-time worker, their schedules are not regular and well organized. Some of them will work till late at night and neglect their studies as well. When they are at school, they will most likely to fall asleep and cannot pay attention in class. It also affects their performance in other activities at school. Also, it will lead to the decline of their grades. They will have no time to revise their learning to prepare for the examination. It causes their grades to fall badly and leads to depression.
    The parents also let them go unrestrained. What they are doing after their job they don't know. When they have money in their pockets they may misuse their earning. If they happen to have friendship with bad boys they may be indulged in wrong activities like smoking, drugs, going to wrong places. It will destroy their future.
    Bottom line is that working a part-time job will disturb students' routine and lead to many disadvantages.
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    This is a very relevant thread raised by the author and appreciate the concern expressed here in the post. While it is prerogative of every person and their family to take decision on the existence and pulling the livelihood we cannot generalize and give advise as to how they should cope up in their lives. Now a days students want to enjoy all the comforts of life once they come to the college level studies and having contacts with like minded friends who have big connections and approaches for a job opportunity would tip the friends join the band wagon of earning something while learning and thus money inducements through part time job would attract many youth and accept the job sometimes with parents consent or without their knowledge. But the fact is that money as become the important factor and students putting studies to back burner.
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    When the family is not able to support the student financially fully, the students have to go for part-time jobs. It is very common in foreign countries. Students going there from other countries will be earning there for their survival thereby taking up a part-time job. Taking up a part-time job by the people in higher studies may be a necessity based on their family position. But children who are in high school or junior college may not be required to take up these part-time jobs. But I see in cities many high school students also doing part-time jobs like newspaper distribution or milk packet distribution etc. Actually, these practices should not be encouraged as their studies will get affected. The elders in the family can do this job rather than sending these boys for these works. But when nobody else is there in the house and he has to take care of the family while studying also means they have to go for such jobs.
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    We cannot say like that also as many students are in a situation to earn for their school/college fees etc., due to family situation. I saw a school boy was selling belts in the Gandhi nagar market of Bangalore. He told me that with that margin only he can pay fees.
    On the other day I saw a small school boy was selling flowers in Sitabuldi market of Nagpur for his daily bread.

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    It is true. Work while to work and play while you play, we have to study at our young age. These days we have so many Government schools offering better education to all categories of students. So study hard and then you can earn later.
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    Students is a broad category and not everyone will fit in one context. For school students defintely, it can distract them, they can misuse this money and many other things, so yes the administration should ensure that each child has enough resources to sustain himself/herself well. Though, when students are reaching the secondary or higher secondary classes, many of them drop due to pressure from families to earn, their disinterest in studies, so one way to retain them can be that you are involving them in vocational work, where they are learning skills which will pay them better and will support their families now or else provide jobs to their family members. As of present, the first condition may apply.

    For college students, I think they should be allowed to do part time work if they have financial requirements. In few years anyways they are going to do regular jobs and taking some random jobs may help them with exploration and experience, though they should be regulated. The exams are also a lot about management, studies also in present times and managing their responsibilities alongwith will take away pressure and depression chances, I think reverse from what you stated. Possibility is that they may find themselves strained with extra baggage, but the need is to guide and regulate and not to stop.

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