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    "Let children live like children."

    Children like to live their own way but the parents try to put restrictions and control them. The parents want them to behave in a way they like but not the way children like to. Children tend to explore by taking risks but parents are worried that they may get injured. Just remember our childhood and how we enjoyed it. We played in the open, got our clothes and body dirtied with happiness. We drenched in the rain until our mother or father scolded us and made us come out of the rain. Several times we were injured with scratches on the body and never bothered about it. We did so many crazy things and enjoyed them.

    The children of the present day spend most of the time preparing to go to the school and doing homework. They do not have grounds to play in the school or at home. The parents have some aspirations and try to enforce them on the children. They are not allowed to grow in a natural way which they like. We are robbing them of little pleasantries which we had in our childhood. Allow the childre to grow in a manner which they like with minimum controls.
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    Very true. I do agree with the author's view. Children always want to do fun. They are unable to understand what is right or wrong. Most of the parents treat their children own way. But children want to live their way. So, let them have fun. I think childhood period is the most precious period of life. We should not keep boundaries during this period.
    These days, children are not enjoying their childhood as we are living a highly competitive lifestyle. Since starting, parents force their children for study only. They feel pressure due to school study and home work. They have no extra time for having fun.So, let them live like children.

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    I agree with the author that children should be permitted to do or play what they prefer to. but I add one thing here that parents should observe what they have chosen for themselves- Is it good for them or not? It's responsibility of parents to keep an eye on who have they friendship with and what activities they are involved in. Sometimes letting them unsupervised may spoil their career if they happen to indulge in wrong activities. They need our guidance or not we have to see It; but guidance should also be in a healthy way that they don't feel their parents are imposing their ways or choice on them and ignoring what they want.

    One thing parents should keep in mind that there is ingrained thinking in children's mind that they understand everything better than their parents because their parents belong to gone age and so they are unaware of the modern ways and trends. You can notice this thinking in most of teenagers now a days.

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    The author is correct. Too much caring is also a problem for the children these days. Parents will start telling the children from their third year onwards and keep many restrictions on them. In our childhood, we started going to school in our 5th year. But these days children are being sent to schools from their 3rd year onwards and there is no freedom to them. After coming back from school, the mother starts asking them about the activities at the school and completing their homework etc. Finally, they will not have any time to spend some time the way they like to spend.
    Parents should leave children from time for spending on playing. Parents should know the interests of the child and see that she/he will spend some time in that area. Then only the creativity from the children will come out and they will excel. So let the children enjoy their childhood. Don't try to control them and take away their freedom/ Otherwise we will not be doing justice to them as their parents.

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    Correct. While dealing with children if you can become a child they will enjoy it and you will also enjoy. I think the complexities around us made the parents worried and they always think of the future of the children rather than thinking of their childhood. Maybe this kind of feeling is making a barrier around the activities of children. It is absolutely correct that very few open spaces/fields are there in a locality for the children and because of this, there is less outdoor activities and more online activities these days. Nowadays, I have seen many children prefer online games rather than going out and play with the other kids. Outdoor activities like playing with others are essential for all-round growth because it teaches a child a lot of things. It teaches the values of sharing joys together and to accept defeat. Winning and losing is a part of any game and when you are playing with your friends you will be able to realize this. Many parents scold their children these days if they do not score a rank in their school. Every parent thinks that their child should be among the top 3 or 5 in schools and even in various competitions. I think this is too much and these types of expectations are robbing childhood and making the children crazy.

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    Very true, the children of this time don't find time to play with their colleagues because of tight schedule of the schools. Once they get up in the morning, their parents remain busy to make their kids ready for the school buses and once they finally reach the schools. They have to listen to instructions of their teachers. Finally they return homes with great exhaustion and even then they are explanatory to their parents how they learnt the lessions. This is really monotonous jobs for them. This age group is meant to enjoy different plays of their choice. Even momentarily parents behave like children, it would be enough to refresh them.

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