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    Teamwork makes a big difference in every field

    The manner in which Cricket is played in India reveals so many aspects of Team work. There are many instances in our own lives where effective Team work plays a vital role. For example, our weddings are always experiences where we see plenty of teamwork at play.

    One of the most important aspects of Teamwork is the role clarity of different people involved. Just like the wicket-keeper has a role, the fast blowers have a big role. The spinners have a big role in the field as well. Similarly, in a wedding those who plan the arrangents for the stage have a role. Those who plan to play the various service providers have a role. Those who receive guests have a different role. The fusion between the different players have specific roles. All this is extremely important.

    When everything falls into place, effective team work results. This is true of all corporate organizations, schools, colleges or wherever. Once we understand the dynamics involved and plan for the effectiveness of each role, the team work gets better in our lives.
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    Very correct. Teamwork is successful when all the people involved are concentrated their focus on a particular aspect and when they all move together in a predefined direction. If different forces work in a different direction then teamwork will be a failure only. When a bowler bowls a good ball but the fielder fails to catch the ball, a chance is missed. Here there should be synergy between the bowler and the captain and accordingly the field placements should be arranged. In the same way for any work in a team, the roles of different people should be clearly defined. The individual should know what are his key responsibilities.
    Like in a cricket team, in any team there should be a fall back arrangement. If a batsman fails, another batsman should rise to the occasion and see that the team will be in a winning position. In the same way, in a team, there should be a fallback arrangement or Plan B in the case of Plan A fails. This is how a team should work to see that their assignment will be a success.

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    Team work can prove to make a big difference only when the team leader has communicative skills, gives proper guidelines, the team has trust on the leader that they should listen to achieve the set goals. Team leader should be humble and ready to listen to each and every member in patience. It is one of the 4C's which is requires in the modern world, known as the collaborative skills.
    In schools also students are split up into various house groups. There are several co-curricular and academic subject related activities which builds team spirit at a younger age. Inter school competition are best examples where students team work is visible clearly. Teamwork not only builds confidence but also builds various skills on how to tackle criticisms which makes a drastic impact to break the team spirit.

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    Appreciate the author for this thread which gives importance for team work and that applies at home and office. In the home also the work must be divided between the members and all works should not be a burden on single person. That way the home would be neat, professionally managed and above all peace sets in because there is no haphazard way of living and everything organized to the hilt. Same way the office work should also be with team work right from the top to bottom level. The work culture should be give and take that means if a employee is absent, the other should do that work and the sequence of chain should not suffer, and if that is ensure, there would be greater production surge, the employee employer relations would at great height and eagerness to work and conducive atmosphere would be the highlight in those companies.
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