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    When you start dreaming, why wait?

    How many of you have dreamt of landing on the moon someday or starting something new after growing up? I know there are many who dream a lot and often blame their luck for not being successful enough. If you give it a good thought you will find that our dreams change from time to time. The childhood dream of becoming a prince can change in adulthood where one can dream of becoming a cricketer. In school, you may think of becoming a scientist and when stepping into college suddenly you may dream of becoming the Prime Minister of the country someday. This is not unusual and many have such dreams that drift. One of the reasons is not pursuing a dream and continue dreaming of something or the other. Tell me, how seriously you followed your dream of landing on the moon since childhood and got yourself acquainted with the fundamentals of the whole subject? Many just dreams of landing there because it looks so nice from the earth and that remains only a dream. Like this, we dream of doing many things that give us joy but we remain unaware of the process of doing it and hence it remains a dream. Don't wait when you start dreaming and go ahead to make it successful otherwise, you will remain another 'unlucky' girl/guy who couldn't become successful enough.
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    Some times our wait becomes futile and not reachable because the dream was absurd and not based on the reality happening and we just had fun out of such dreams that gave instant satisfaction of achieving something unique which was not possible and not even thought in real life either in the past, present or future. We cannot live in the fantasy world while living in this world, and we are not the angels to get the things done on the very thought process. So none of us are the dream achievers but surely we had the gala time in conceiving such great dreams even ready to share to others but for no use.
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    The author has written about day dreaming which usually we do on any level of age group. He wants to say that people should not merely dream but what they dream should try to change it into reality. He has emphasised on landing on moon. I have never thought of landing on moon. Who can make this dream come true if he has ever dreamed of visiting moon?

    Day dreaming is only waste of time. We should plan to make our future better and bright instead of merely thinking or day dreaming. Too much thinking about useless things results in making ourselves fool.

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    Everyone has dreams, as told by author it changes to. A dream depends on the environment in which we are being grown. Every dream you make can be listed in a book with beautiful pictures related to it. Everyday we have to have a look at it atleast once. You may go on adding your dreams which will be sometimes countless too but don't worry just have a look before starting your day.
    This is the methodology that I followed and a few dreams could be fulfilled too. The main practice is just think of the dream and relate it in your work on a daily basis add one sentence or step which you have taken to reach or aim towards that goal. You should be able to add values to atleast three of your dreams on a regular basis. I am sure it will come true.

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    Dreams will not become true unless we try our best to make the dreams to become real. Many of us will have different wishes and they may reflect in our dreams. We should have the determination to make our dreams to become real.
    During my childhood, I used to think of becoming a top employee in a big company. I used to have a liking for Chemistry. That is why after intermediate instead of going for BE/ B Tech, I have gone for B.Sc Chemistry and continued my studies and obtained my PhD in chemistry. Then I have not opted for a lecturer post but joined in a manufacturing organisation and continued my efforts in that line only. Finally, I worked as the CEO of a company. Thus I always feel happy that I am able to realise my dreams and I always thank God for all He has given to me in this life.
    I thank the author for his message and it is true that we should go on dreaming and work for making those dreams a reality.

    always confident

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