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    Is it fine to make online education a normal process

    Since the covid-19 pandemic broke into the country, schools are shut leaving online learning the only option for students. Students are cut off their traditional education system which has created problems for them. Although online learning platform is providing an opportunity for the learners to study online during these health crises, there are many millions across the world not having access to this system of learning.

    However, many have the privilege to access the online pedagogical learning system and are taking advantage of this learning system. Many students have electronic gadgets like a laptop or smartphone with a stable internet connection that they use for the online learning system.
    But almost eight months later of the covid-19, we are more familiar with the pros and cons of the online learning system. The traditional system of education seems a distant dream now due to the restrictions in place.

    Would it be fine to continue and normalise the online learning system? How do you feel about normalizing the online learning system when there are many without access to this system.
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    While the author might have expressed his views and concern from the urban point of view but when it comes to rural many villages are not connected with internet and signal problems. Moreover the children in rural areas never touched the computer nor their cell phones and thus teaching through online cannot be made normal and surely it is the temporary arrangements. Many schools are unable to employ teachers for online classes as the teaching for such classes comes with good pay tag to which many schools are denying the good teaching faculty. Nevertheless, on line classes has become the necessity of the day and many are slowly getting into the habit. Government schools are far behind to give the education through online and thus India not yet fully prepared to implement the online as normal classes.
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    I don't think online learning can ever take the place of conventional way of learning. The author is right to say that majority of students don't have accessibility to smartphone or laptop. They are still waiting for opening their schools. This pandemic is still around us and I don't think it will go away in near future. How long we have to keep fighting against this deadly disease nobody can predict. We have no option but to wait.

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    Government school teachers are teaching using television as a means along with lots of experiments giving a much better clarity to the values on the subject. Two teachers join to form a discussion class. They are using worksheet formats through power point presentation. It is a good sign of improvement but cannot clear the doubts raised by students as in a regular class room. Private schools are using lots of videos and different softwares are built to personalise. Yet the real life experiences, the environment and physical activity and general day to day activities with a discipline is lost. The online classes cannot fulfill those criterias in any form. Children are forced to used this method as they have no other means to gain knowledge.
    It is indeed a new experience for teachers and students creating different approach in education but having heavy impact on health factor which can lead to repurcussions at a later stage. Those students who are lacking the resources like laptops or smartphones have a different lifestyle which takes lots of efforts to get them back on track when the regular school starts.

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    Online education system was adopted due to emergency situation of corona pandemic. So, it is a temporary measure. Today we are not fully geared up for it as many people do not have easy and affordable access to the internet and video chatting applications. All are not privileged to that expert. So, physical school system cannot be dispensed with at the present juncture.
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    Online education is not possible for all children. Mainly the children in the rural area are not having smartphones and they may not be able to have one. In many villages, some people don't have access to the internet. So if we continue online education they will be deprived of the right for education. So virtual classes should be used till we come out of this pandemic situation. After that again we should go for regular classroom teaching.
    Even for other students also online education is not as effective as normal classroom teaching. The students will not get the feeling of attending a class and concentrating on the lesson is also difficult. Many teachers are also not comfortable in this virtual teaching. They have to acquire the skills required for teaching online more effectively. To happen all these things, it may require some more time.

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