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    A new era of students gaining knowledge

    Has the current scenario of online classes for school and college students become a source of learning for their parents as well? Share your experience as a parent who could have benefited from your child's virtual classroom.

    Virtual classes have given a opportunity for most parents who had completed their primary or high school education in Kannada medium to learn English from teachers along with their wards.

    Teachers are teaching the parent, as well the student. Highest retention can be achieved once the topic to taught to others. So mothers have taken up this challenge and I am sure they will be able to improve their children in a much better way when the regular classes starts. These parents are upcoming era of students who are behind the screen struggling hard just after the teacher's class.

    What is your experience - are you a parent of any student who is attending a virtual class? Are you able to learn and gain knowledge through your child's class?
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    As far as my children are concerned, one has completed Chemical Engineering and going for the job and my daughter is doing MBBS third year and the online classes are going on more strictly and we are also seeing how hard the course is because the third year students should also study and prepare for 4th year and how the lectures are being held in sequence is seen to be understood hard. I do agree that with new normal situation of virtual classes the educated parents are taking more interest and in fact postponing or adjusting their own work timings thereby giving the cushion to the child on new learning experience. But a introvert child and fear complexion is not coming out to ask questions with the teacher in online classs and the uneducated mothers are also sulking to clarify the doubts if any.
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    My two sons are married. The elder son is having two daughters. They are still to be admitted to schools. My second daughter in law is pregnant now. So there are no school-going children in my house as of now. But my brother's son who is studying B.Tech stays with me as he is studying in Hyderabad and his parents stay in Visakhapatnam. He is attending online classes. Sometimes I will be discussing with him about his online classes. He feels classroom teaching will be much helpful than virtual class.
    Mothers are learning from the teachers online and they are teaching the kids in their house in the way a teacher teaches his students in a classroom. So it is good that the children are getting the classroom teaching experience through their mothers. We should appreciate the mothers for their efforts.

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    When the child is learning in the video class, the parents can also sit there and learn whatever is being taught but the question is how many parents are interested to learn. In our society the mantra told to us while we were students is that we have to learn only up to our student life and after that the life is a fun and enjoy it and we decipher the meaning out of that that we have not to learn now. Still, the parents who have interest in academics or learning a new thing or sharpen their language can take advantage of this great facility when the tutor is right available in the screen in their living rooms.
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    I agree with the author that online learning is giving the opportunity to children as well as their parents. It is advisable to all parents to sit along with their child while he's studying online. The parents can understand easily what the teacher has taught and thus parents can help their child if he/she faces any problem.

    As long as these virtual classes are going on either parent should spare some time for their children and help them in study because I have listened from some students that they don't understand fully what they are taught online. I think basic reason behind this problem is that most of the teachers don't know how to teach online and what content can be taught in a better way. It's the modus operandi which they need to improve. Parents should contact school and should apprise the principal what problem their children are facing, when the problem is transpired, school will focus on this problem.

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    Parents are the first teachers before a child is getting admission in any school. Now it is time for them too, to refresh and grab some more knowledge through online classes.
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    For a time being, we can say that online classes are good for parents, especially for mothers to learn new things but it cannot go for long as to adjust their own tasks as per the class timings cannot be taken for long. I myself have experienced the same. My son is in grade 1 and is attending online school since April. Initially, I used to sit with him during the classes but now I do not sit with him for the whole class.
    Secondly, the school culture is not only to learn academic things, but it is for the overall development of kids. They learn to socialize, share, and to work in a team.


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    In the initial stages a child needs to understand the procedures and follow a set of rules laid down for the class. Parents support is necessary at that stage. As the days passby students tend to learn special skills and can manage by himself unless there is a technical issue.
    Team works can also be considered for activities in online classes.

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