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    Trusting employees the new way to get best results

    Whether big or small companies the trust plays important and if the management gives far reaching rights to the performing employees the result would be superlative. For example in small companies of 60 employees the MD need not work hard and give the delegating authorities to lower decision making staff and thus ensure smooth functioning without any problem. Because trust and believe goes hand in hand and the employee also feels the belonging to the work and puts some more effort to go one step further performance.
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    The top boss should trust his employees. Then only the employees perform better. At the same time, too much delegation is also not good. If the top boss trusts his employees and give them freedom, some employees try to take advantage of the situation. In such, the total organisation will suffer. So the employees should be loyal to the company. Then only the faith kept on them will not get wasted.
    But I have seen in many companies that bosses appear as if they have full faith in his subordinates. But he will have his own way of gathering the information and utilise the information for taking a decision whether he should have faith in a particular employee or not.
    Mutual trust and faith are required to create a healthy atmosphere in the organisation. When the atmosphere is good the performing people will be more active and work for the progress of the company.

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    Trust between management and other employees in a company is essential for growth. Every organization is guided by some rules and everyone in the organization has to follow them. In an organization, different employees work on different tasks and the organization earns the revenue when the tasks are completed within the timeframe. When there is mutual trust the management is sure that the task will be completed in time and the employees also do the tasks in a peaceful mind without being in constant supervision of the management. While doing anything you will feel irritated if somebody is constantly watching you or enquiring about when the task will be completed. This can become a botheration for the employee as well as the management. Trust between them is essential to avoid this.

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    But mutual trust between the employees would pave way for trouble free work ambience in any company.
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    An intelligent boss would talk to you friendly giving you impression that he is full trust upon you but the fact is this formula holds good even for other employees. The boss takes these employees in his confidence that they are his reliable subordinates. This is one part but he knows to what extent he should trust a particular employees. He may engage some employee to watch the activities of other employees giving the boss the feed back of activities of other employees but sometimes the feed back may be inflated due to his sour relationship with some employee. Hence ultimately the entire atmosphere become polluted due to the wrong policy of the boss. Such trends have been witnessed during my working tenure.
    However, not all bosses work in the same ways, some bosses would encourage you in the process of learning and your inherent potential is highlighted before the management in case of promotion.

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    The aspect of the issue which the author has focused upon seems to be good for the company as the staff will be able to give better performance for better results. They will be allowed to decide how they have to improve the business and how to uplift the profit ratio of the company in contrast with what the company spends on them. But it does not happen in the private sector. Bossism will never allow it. However, suppose it happens, then there are two main points to be focussed upon (1) Change in Policy of the management (2) Weigh out abilities of employees.

    If the management changes its policies about this independence to company employees, they need a broader paradigm in the whole of the management team. They have to leave bossism. The employees should also be capable enough to take all the challenges. When they are given a free working environment wherein they don't require any guidance from their seniors then, obviously, they have to raise the level of performance to give the best results to their management. For getting the best results, they must have managerial, marketing, PR skills. It will present a unique paradigm in the company that employees of different levels have equal qualities.

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    Trusting the employees by the company will increase productivity but are the employees taking care of their staff on the same lines ? Maybe a group of people benefit and a few go unnoticed. So employees should have confidence and vice versa as they are the pillars in familarising and thus building fame to the company.
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    Not all the employees would be trusted and those who are close confident to the management gets the go.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Trust is a fundamental aspect in between the employer and employee for better understanding and work towards the overall objective of the organisation. If there is no trust the management will not give any higher responsibility to the employee fearing fraud or malpractice. So, generally management will pick up the hand who are trustworthy as per their past history and confine the delegation to only those employees and it is also a matter of fact that those particular employees will also rise in the ladder of the organisation. This is a usual thing seen in most of the organisations. Delegation is very important as it makes the higher ups free from the daily hassles and they can concentrate their energies in some other important work. If good subordinates are there, delegation is the best solution.
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    An employer has to have element of trust with their employees otherwise it will not be possible for them to delegate or assign higher responsibilities to them. At the same time blind trust will not be of any avail as we have to be vigilant and should have monitoring systems for the performance of all the employees in the organisation. So, trust is required but control is not to be removed or slackened.
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    May I make a small correction as it is a new way. This way have been ignored from some decades back as it was existing well earlier. Somehow or other we have to trust the others as we trust a driver before boarding even in our own car that he would take us safely to the expected place.
    Our grand father in 1930's was given with power of attorney by a land lord only through trusting him. He served with utmost honest under him till his death that is up to 1973.
    A joke:
    One rich person used to travel in his car by sitting in the backside of driving seat. One day as his wife and daughter accompanied him he sat by side of the driver. While driving the driver changed the gear. By noticing this he asked the driver what he did. He told. Immediately he asked the driver to stop the car and asked his daughter to drive the car by settling account of the driver. On asking the man told driver,'see, you are changing the gear while I am sitting by your side. But who knows that you would have changed anything in my absence.'

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