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    Do you believe that we are living in digital era

    Nowadays digital is very popular word. It was also known word earlier. But, this pandemic made it more popular. Our dependency has been increasing much over it day by day.
    Digital is an electronic technology which works on two digits only that is 0 & 1. This kind of technology makes our life easier. We feel more comfortable with an electronic gadget like mobile, laptop, tablet etc. So, we are going to be used to of this technology. This system has entered in all walks of life. Now, we see everything what we are using has become digital such as digital pen, mobile, watch etc. Moreover, we are paying money for shopping through digital mode. Digital marketing is on rise. No doubt, it is playing important role in our life. What do you think about it? Please share your view.
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    Yes. The present era is the digital era. We use this digital technology wherever possible. Usage of this digital technology has become very popular and we are lucky to have it everywhere and anywhere. The temperature measurement and display in your cooking oven are digital. The thermometer used for thermal scanning is digital. The gauze that is used to measure your water consumption by the municipality is digital. All types of equipment we use in our house are of digital technology only. So there is no doubt in saying that we are living in the digital era.
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    Government is planning to take a big step towards digitalization of India. It's a praisewrothy though, but a large part of Indian population is still deprived of basic amenities. Digitalization , first, demands elimination of poverty, unemployment. Until human resources are focussed upon dream of digitalization can not come true. As a parent providing basic amenities to his family is always on his priority before he thinks to buy a smartphone.
    It's indeed, a digital era but for whom? It's only for upper class of the Indian.

    But I'm optimistic about future of our country. Today, indeed, India is not considered as a rich country but one day India will be among the richest countries of the world.

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    I think we are in the middle of the digital era and not fully utilized the benefits of the same as we are still transacting many business purchases through cash and that should be avoided altogether. For example the morning milk, the tiffin centers, the vegetable vendors and even the kirana stores are still insisting for cash payments and when we go to the ATM , the cash dealing are denied by saying out of order boards. There seems to be systematic slow down of cash dealing at the banks and they are encouraging the digital dealing. But still rural India is not aware of digital transactions and the mobile team of banks should visit the villages and make them learn how to do the digital dealing and this kind of tutorial can be made available through mobile banking team. Hope the banks takes the stride.
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    The whole world is going through a digital transformation and India is no exception. People have seen a lot of benefits in digital methods and have started believing in its power. There are some initial troubles which will be there because we are a developing country and our priorities are the food for all and job for all. Digital methods are useful for those who use these methods for their business or job or some work which becomes easier with the digital methods. How they are going to benefit the lower class that has to be found out and measures in this direction are required to be thought.
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