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    Festivals remove laziness from us and bring some actions!

    Festivals are very important in our lives. They provide us a relief and change from the monotony of our lives. Then, there are also the fun and frolic aspects related to these festivals where children and adults enjoy them equally. Generally these festivals are related to our religious sentiments also and it is natural that religious people enjoy that as an inherent important part of the festivals. These festivals are also instrumental in inspiring us to do some jobs which we were keeping pending for quite some time. For example the festival of Diwali is well known for the cleaning in the houses and it is also a time to discard the clutter and bring new items as replacement of the old ones. There are many things as regards to cleaning of the house which were in our mind but we were postponing them due to our laziness but when the festival is on the anvil, we have to think about that seriously and do it as everyone in the society is doing and if we do not attend to it then it could be a matter of shame for us. It is not a force or compulsion but a situation which forces us to act and in that impulse we do it. So festivals are important to remove laziness from us and bring some action. Members may like to comment.
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    Festivals play a very important role in our lives. They bring a lot of joy and happiness in our lives and we will be spending some good time with our family members. That will give new energy to us.

    As mentioned by the author we will have many works to be carried out in our house which can be postponed easily as we feel they are not very important. But we will complete such works if somebody says they should be completed on this festival day which will bring happiness to us. That way as mentioned by the author festivals make us more active and complete the works which are long pending and which are important fo be carried out. People will not postpone it.

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    The author has provided a good example in the thread that indicates at least, during the festivities we prefer to do certain things that are kept on pending. Festivals have many such roles. For many, it's the time to renew relations. People do not like to misbehave with others during the festive season and wish each other to forget the bitterness in mind. That's also a very important activity which may be witnessed during the festivals and therefore it plays a significant role in some essential activities which people do not care at other times.

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    When festival comes what I have observed is that mainly women and children seem to be more enthusiasts than men. Why women enthuse more may be due to them playing main role in all festival related activities like preparation different edible items, cleaning and decoration of home, buying new clothes, shoes and other accessories especially for the festival and so on. However, men also become active to carry out their responsibilities. They wait for festival because they will not go to their office. Everybody feels happy and enjoys festivals.
    But here I would like to point it out that ill-practices or traditions or evils are still in vogue in festivities like gambling and drinking.

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    Truly said by the author. Today from the early morning four o clock the entire family was busy in celebrating the festival and there was great gathering at a relative house where in all the other families also joined and there was mass lunch for all the invitees and the occasion that one of the relative new couple are celebrating their first Deepavali after marriage and that marriage was not attended by all and thus this gathering was special and bonding was great. All through the day the family members enjoyed a lot, cracking jokes, teasing, playing and of course planning for outing and other things. Because such gatherings are rare and when it happens it gives happy moments with many going for selfies and registering their bonding with one another. Surely festivities like Deepavali are the great stress busters.
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    Festivals are the times when most of the people observe them and those who are not in the line would feel themselves as left out. This is the feeling which drives us to get up and take up the jobs required to be completed during the festival times. I have seen even the laziest ones to get alert in festival times and become conspicuously active. Sweet are the effects of festival times on most of us. I remember during my childhood our mother gave us so many things to do that we felt tired and fatigued. She used to become extra ordinarily active during such times and we had to follow the suit
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