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    Why not house the poor in this fashion and make them responsible?

    It is often commonly believed that the poor who live in the worst of conditions in the slums do not have any morals. They are often belived to be totally unreliable people.

    More often than not, they are not miserable people at all. They are quite nice people who have not had the good fortune of a good education and a job. They are poor because of circumstances. While walking along the pavement near the bus-station of the prestgious locality called Velachery, there are at least thirty families who have a few cardboard boxes kept there. They get some water from somewhere and can be seen cooking and eating and washing their clothes in the very same places. Enquiries reveal that they sleep in whatever little spaces are left near the big doors of the shops for the night. They also seem to be using the public toilets nearby.

    The idea is this: why not the gated community residents build a small outhouse in the open space of their gated community and get the men to guard the gated communities? The outhouses may have just one room of around one hundred square foot and a small kitchen apart from a bathroom and a toilet. The expenditure can be shared by all residents. Since these are high-earning members of the society, they can easily bear it. With the help of the police and the local owners association, every small family can be rehabilitated and also given a job to do the night patrolling. At least a few families from among the pavement members can benefit. Though this example pertains to Chennai, it can be tried out in other localities of Chennai and all other big cities as well.
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    That is a good idea and that can be implemented.
    My sister stays in an independent house and they built small outhouse gave it to a poor family to live there. A family stays there. The lady goes to some houses for work and earns money. The husbands go for daily wages. The house is given free of cost from them to stay. She will do the jobs of the servant maid for which my sister will pay separately. Thus one family is living there.
    Like this, if all gated communities construct a room and give to a family she can earn by working in those families and they will have a reasonably happy life. A time to think.
    I have a room on the terras of my duplex house. I offered it to our servant maid to stay free of cost. She is thinking of coming and staying in that room. The room is having a kitchen and toilet also.

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    While the author has suggested a very good proposal and I think Kalaignar Karuananidhi pet project Samatuva Pura, which is the colony of poor class belonging to all sects. But what the idea mooted by the author is excellent but the main hitch comes as to how to manage and distribute work and welfare measure among the members. There cannot be inclusive cooperation from the members as the party politics inside such colonies also plays important role the residents stick to their party and the largess goes to them. Therefore the implementation part may be goofed up and the good suggestion may not be implemented.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    What the author has suggested is great. If the author has any access to these rich people he has written about, can expound them what he wants them to do (if they may agree) It will be a great work. We see people from distance, so we don't see their real face. If we go closer to them we might find them as people of soft heart who think for the commonweal. If the author doesn't have direct contact with any resident of that colony if ask others like his friends who might have any acquaintance face in that rich area. Hope it will work. If any other member can do it, is requested to come out to help such needy people.

    Sometimes, we see some people who are on top today their background lie in such downtrodden families. We don't know where the talent is lying. It's a great job of humanity if we do extend our support to wretched outcasted people.
    Let's make it easier, Whether we do or not is another question but at least we must have good feelings for others to succour them if we can do.

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    Sir, am painfully aware that the so-called rich people, who zip around in the costliest of cars do not even give Rs10 for a cup of tea to each of the five watchmen who guard the entire complex. Am not asking everyday. On Diwali day, yesterday, I was shocked to learn that I was the only one who did so and the hapless watchmen profusely thanked me for such a small amount.

    I do not live in this complex. The flat belongs to my brother-in-law. I have my own house 110 kms from Chennai city in a small town. When I walked along the pavement and saw their pitiable condition, that idea struck me. Like Rao Sir has done, if tgey pool resources, the cost will be around four lakh rupees. Even an asbestos roof is okay. However, I cannot do anything here.

    What can be done is to write to the leading builders to convince them. There are crorepathis here who are minting money. Real estate is a solid business here, as this city always finds owners who live there. Not rent them out. I can and will write to all the builders. Alternatively, even if one Hindiwallah family is helped, even that will be great. One learns that the poorest Hindiwallahs form fifty percent of the labor in all construction projects. They are from the two States --UP and Bihar and they also live horrible lives. Most of them are married bachelor's. If my suggestion is implemented, they can possibly bring their families here.

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