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    Need of prohibition of drinking

    With more and more people taking to alcohol across various levels of society, is it time to prohibit drinking? Should such a ban be on a large scale?

    In this modern age drinking has become a fashion of the day. It's become an essential part of merrymaking. Even singers, poets are reported of drinking while singing songs or reciting poetry. No marriage party can be imagined where drinking facility is not provided. Even on the day of religious festival many people drink abundantly.

    Drinking is a social evil but it has become the essential thing for many people. When someone drinks he goes off senses and speaks rubbish and filthy language too. Such people waste their money as well as harm their body. They create problems for family. Drinking becomes a menace a big problem for those families which are not rich. Man wastes his money and whole family suffers.

    In modern society upper class doesn't place it among evils. There is nothing wrong for them in drinking. Even young boys and girls drink freely. Even their parents don't mind it at all. Their views are quite hilarious - just a small is good for health or doctor also suggest to take some sip etc.

    When Morarji Desai was the Prime Minister of India he prohibited selling and buying in some states fully and some some states partially. Many people opposed this decision of government saying that it would result in a great loss to government exchequer.
    What do you think about drinking and a prohibition of it?
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    A very good post from the author.
    I know many families which got ruined due to this drinking habit of the head of the family. In villages, we see many families like this. As mentioned by the author the rich people may not think of it as a bad habit. They have money and they can manage. They can sit in their houses and drink foreign drinks which are not as harmful as the other drinks made in villages,
    Drinking is becoming a curse for many families. Some gents work hard in the day time and spend that money in the evening on drinking. The lady in the house has to suffer a lot for feeding the children twice daily. Sometimes, if the husband is not having money he will collect money from his forcefully and go for drinking. That day the children in that family will not have even food to eat.
    The government should bring in prohibition. But they never do that as that is their main source of income and money is required for them.

    always confident

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    It is a relevant topic as of now. Drinking habit is now not only to confined to affluent classes but it has even percolated down to lower middle class family and even the poors don't refrain from alcoholism. These classes are struggling hard to earn money just to support the family but once the gents receive their remuneration, they immediately forget about their responsibilities towards their family and run towards the wine shop to have a sip of their brand. If such a sip is beyond their means, they would resort to even cheap brand containing contamination of methyl alcohol enough to take their lives. In that way, there is total loss of revenue apart from the risks of lives. The ladies of the families have to manage everything from domestic expense to educational expenses of their children.
    The government remain silent on this issue since there is generation of income by way of excise. This plight needs to be sorted out so that the lower classes are saved from this menace.

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    Just now I was returning home after visiting our relatives and the road was fully occupied by the drunkards and would not give way to the traffic. At least on the festive days the liquor sale should be avoided or stopped. But the rush was more and over flowing in every shop. And there is rule that the liquor shops should not be near the place of worship, school and the hospitals but those norms are thrown to wind and they original dealer is opening numerous branches does not have valid license and they are called belt shops in Telugu. This way the liquor shops are fanning out and the law enforcing agencies are not making full compliance to rules and their laxity is proving inconvenience to the road users. The drunken fellow is stopping the bus for fun and then let it go thereby earning the wrath of the bus passengers also.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Many people habitually drink and it has become a menace in the society. Many families are ruined because of this menace. Drinking in moderation may be good but when there is freedom of drinking who abides by the law of moderate drinking. After each peg it asks for more. Once a person becomes addicted to it then it becomes a big problem to correct it and the person cannot have a normal life. As regards the prohibition, it is not an easy task to do as Govt will be losing revenue and people will get it by wrong routes of smuggling and even start to consume the local liquor which is dangerous for ones health.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Drinking is a social menace. I have seen many families ruined because the erring member got trapped in the company of drunkards who only drink to enjoy the life and then stop doing their work sincerely and sometimes even lose their jobs. In many remote villages and towns where women are even working in the field to make ends meet the men are away with friends drinking some local cheap variety of liquor as they cannot afford the costlier one and then spend their time in bad company. The plight of these village women is pitiable and there is no way for them to bring back their husbands to normal life. Govt has opened some rehabilitation centres for correcting such people but we do not know the availability of such counselling in far away places.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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