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    Are you a seeker or the one who obliges ?

    There are two kinds of people among us as one is the seeker and the other is the one who obliges. By seeker we mean a person having many doubts and keep on disturbing others to clarify his numerous doubts that keep on penetrating all through his life. The other set of persons are those who oblige to do all kinds of services and even commit to give kind help. Seekers are not given that credence while the obliging persons are sought after by the elder who always need such help even from the unknown obliging persons.
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    The author has given an example of two types of persons- (1) One who creates problems for others. (2) One who solves the problems of others.

    Former is always 'unwelcome' and the latter is always 'welcome'. Both types of people are found around us. but the 'seeker' type of people are many and more than one who obliges others. Those who are confused about themselves you can't expect them to be helpful to you in any way. They want others' help/suggestions as the author has pointed out about them. These people are mentally immature. They may be a teenager too whereas the latter type of people is matured, sagacious and great.

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    Seekers keep on bother us even after we imitated help to them time and again.
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    To be comfortable everybody wants to be a seeker. But nobody welcomes a seeker. Asking others is easy. At the same time trying to help somebody is not the cup of tea for all. If the same person bothers us again and again we may not feel obliging him. Once in a while, if a person is asking for help and if it is within our reach, we may oblige.
    If it is a subject matter related to us and if the other person is having some doubts in that subject and if approaches us we can clarify that as many times as he wanted. A person will act as a seeker sometimes and he may be an obliger in other instances. All depend on the individual and his position at that particular point.

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    This is an interesting observation. I think it is related to the confidence level also. Some people have low confidence and before doing anything they will ask hundreds of questions to the other people and get their doubts clear. Probably these are the seekers that the author has mentioned in the post. So, seekers will always be asking some help in one way or other and many of us who want to help will help in spite of the botherations.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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