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    Your enthusiasm alone can make you learn more

    Whether it is the home or office, the work must be done with dedication, care and affection, then only the output would be superlative , sustained and also has the creative touch. If a person has enthusiasm he plants great deal of working detail and that may be new approach, or a defined and new kind of approach to the old problem or entirely a forgotten approach. All this make a person to learn more from the work experience that may not be target oriented always but even failures. What is your take on this thread.?
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    Enthusiasm is important to carry forward the work and complete it. Be it a student looking to crack any competitive exam, Govt. employee, or be it labour looking to support his or her family, enthusiasm or willingness is vital to instil energy and power to get ready for the work. The enthusiasm always helps people achieve that most people think impossible to get.

    People with down in confidence, confused and in the doldrums can't even dare to chop wings of a mosquito let alone completing any project or doing any work. The lethargy shrinks the confidence of an individual into pieces and hampers the progress.

    Enthusiasm is the main factor to evoke the interest of a person to do some work. With this people can't taste the success in life.

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    I agree with the author that all efforts should be target-oriented with dedication to the fullest. There are certain things which are to be taken care of: Target should be well defined the person has full interest wherein. The roadmap should categorically be explained. All the required accessories should be in hand. All the pros and cons should be expounded to himself. Having sterling faith in himself. Deterrence to all the resistance should be as strong as steel. Then be steady consistently without any exhaustion and goal is very close.
    .When I read the stories of those famous people who are stars in their respective fields, I see that they did not reach their target easily. How they struggled in their lives against all odds and impediments is quite inspirational for all the strugglers. While facing untoward situations keeping their courage intact was not easy for them but they did not let themselves to be broken or hope to be shattered.
    Nevertheless, saying is always easy but carrying out what we want to do seems to be difficult.

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    If the interest towards the work is evoked in right spirit the enthusiasm gets going.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Enthusiasm will help us to learn more. That is true. Enthusiasm will give us more interest in that subject and give us a chance to learn more about that subject. I used to have a lot of interest to conduct experiments in the laboratory and that enthusiasm made me show good interest in that subject. This is very natural.
    I used to have a lot of enthusiasm for reading mythological books. That made me read many such books and now I have a lot of interest in reading those books. This is how enthusiasm gives positive results in learning.
    When we attend work with a lot of enthusiasm we can complete the work very successfully. If there is no enthusiasm in doing that work we maybe not taking full interest in doing that work and the results may not be as expected. So when it is a compulsion to do work, it is better to develop an enthusiasm so that we can complete the work successfully.

    always confident

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    Generally people have enthusiasm in the things they like and not in the things that other like. This is an inherent tendency of the people and we can see it happening everywhere. In an office environment, the manager has to inculcate an atmosphere where people like to work and also the manager has to see that people are given jobs as per their primary choice until the same is inevitable in the system. So, there are ways to inspire people and generally people by themselves would not be enthusiastic to do something except a few sincere fellows in the organisation.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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