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    Which is the best payment gateway in India?

    Do you consider a particular payment Gateway far better than any others for online payment? Recommend ones that you prefer with supporting reasons why you do so based on your own experiences or that of others you know.

    We have many payment gateways to facilitate online payments. Which is the best gateway among these three gateways namely Paytm, Google pay, Phone Pe?

    Are there other gateways better than the above three online payment gateways? Your experience and recommendation, please.
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    What I feel that many people have reported issues with Google pay, Paytm but conformable with phone pe. Even Iam experiencing good services from Phone pe and my daughter who has the Google pay and Paytm and my relatives who had transactions on the above gateways were confronted with the issues and thus I feel phone pe is better. My son who is using the Hyderabad Metro rail card also faced issues with using the Google pay and there seems to be lots of complaints on these two gateways. Even the small time vegetable vendors and tiffin centers are insisting that the payment be imitated through the phone pe for hassle free transactions. The central government should intervene and have a dialogue with Google pay and Paytm as to why the payments made through their gate way is taking lots of time to credit or debit.
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    In my experience Phone pe is the best gate way for easy transactions. I use this App. for to transfer money from one bank account to other, pay for bills, pay to some others etc. in a hassel free way. Amazon pay is also one of the best way to pay all bills, transfering amount pay to others in a safe way and also we get lot of cash backs. For this transfers and bill payments I got more than Rs.2000 as cash back in this year itself from Amazon. Paytm and Google pay sometimes trouble if the network is weak. Mostly I use Amazon pay or Phone pe for my transactions.

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    I use Google Pay for many transactions. I use this for small amount transfers up to Rs.1000/-. I never faced any problem. Sometimes small amounts are received as rewards may be Rs.5/ or Rs.10/- or Rs.25/-. I use Phone pe also sometimes. I use Paytm for bills payments like phone bills or electricity bills. But I never faced any problem so far. Maybe the number of transactions I am doing maybe less. Higher amounts transfer I will do using an online bank transfer from HDFC bank where I have the SB account. Amazon pay I never used. I use Airtel app for tollgate payments for fast tag.
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    After going through the three responses, and after browsing the net to know about the payment gates, I have decided to test the efficacy of Phonepe. I already have Paytm app which is not satisfactory.

    I have downloaded the app Phonepe and added some money to the wallet. Let me test it to post my views about Phonepe.

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    Phone pe is the hassle free gateway to make and receive the payment of our bank account and safe.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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