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    When the enemy countries behave strangely then why should there be truce dialogues?

    Funny are the leaders of the PDP party in Jammu and Kashmir who are demanding that dialogues be initiated with Pakistan for the normalcy in the region. These leaders must known that the violation of ceasefire takes place from the other side of the border to which we have done retaliation and even killed five Pakistan forces' personnel. But that seems to have irked the PDP leader Mehbooba who is showing sympathy for the loss of lives in Pakistan forces. Earlier the Congress also demanded dialogues be initiated with China. What are these parties up to?
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    Lately, violation of ceasefire from another side of the border is the part of short term strategy of Pakistan government. The root of this violation is related to full-scale oppositín of government by opposition parties. It's giving the wrong message among people also, So to divert their attention their army has violated ceasefire on LOC.
    What PDP Chief has viewed about bringing normalcy back by bilateral dialogue is her personal opinion which is acceptable or not government knows it better.

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    If the intentions of both the parties involved are clear and match, then only there may be a chance to agree. When somebody is showing their guns against us, how safely we can sit and negotiate with them. If their guns are down, we can think of negotiations.
    Unfortunately, some of our political leaders are having some vested interests and they make such proposals. As a matter of fact when the other side of the border is doing some violations due to their own reasons why our country should go for a bilateral dialogue. It is unfortunate that some leaders showing concern for the human losses on the other side of the border.
    Anyhow the government will act as required by considering all the points, I feel. We can wait and watch.

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    The so called leaders claim to be Indians from outside but Pakistani from inside.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It's strange that they live in our country and think about the other country.

    Why should we talk to them?. These leaders should talk to them and ask what they get by doing fire on the border.


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    India is basically a peace loving country and it never initiates any offence from its side. We have a history of tolerating the enemy to a great extreme situation and then only we retaliate. In J & K situation is very peculiar. The terrorists and other elements from Pakistan are doing a lot of harm to India but the brunt of that is being faced by the people residing in J & K. The common and simple people of that region are suffering without any fault. If there are some people there who are hand in gloves with these infiltrators and terrorists then the local public should not cooperate with them and instead help the Govt in putting them behind the bars then only this problem can be solved. Local cooperation is a must in such situation. Otherwise the innocents in the region would suffer because of the political ambitions of a few people there. Until the local people understand what is good for them as well as for their coming generations no outsider would be able to help them. Having peace talks with Pakistan would be another mockery of the situation as it will not help in lessening the woes of the locals.
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