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    Can we trust the results coming out of random sugar tests done on home kits?

    Is it advisable to use a home kit to check blood sugar levels? How reliable are such home kits is the topic of this discussion.

    After the pandemic started, many regular sugar patients who used to have the pre- and post-lunch session diabetic tests at the nearby diagnostic centers have stopped going there for obvious reasons and thus purchased the home kits for the testing purpose. How far we can trust the results emanated from these kits? The reading keeps on fluctuating even though the strict control of diet and eating procedures are the same. Can we trust such random sugar testing kits? Or best to do the tests at testing centers that can be trusted and believed.
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    Even in big hospitals also they are using the same electronic kits to test sugar randomly. I think the results you may get through these kits may be approximate and in general we can know present condition of sugar.

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    For a regular check-up, I think there is no problem in using these kits. Many people are using this. The variation what we observe is not very high and we can trust them. I have no diabetics problem. But my father is having this problem. As mentioned by the author he was going to the nearby diagnostic centre once a month for testing. But during this COVID19 period, he stopped going to the lab. He is using this electronic kit to test sugar randomly. The readings are fairly consistent and he is happy with the results he is getting. Many doctors are advising patients to go for this kit and get the test done in the house itself.
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    Whether you test your sugar level at home or in a lab, it is all the same. The hospitals, clinics and lab are also using the same kit available in the market. It makes their work easy. It just cost Rs. 20/= per strip. But they charge Rs. 50 to 100 per test.

    The blood testing labs too don't give an accurate reading. Once I went and gave my blood to check at two different labs located closely within a gap of 15 minutes. The result varied. one read 160 and the other 200. Since then I stopped visiting labs and started using home kits.

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    Some blood diagnostic centers are having old method of testing the diabetic sugar patient.
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    Testing strips are generally used by those who need regular monitoring. One may keep tabulated the results. This data will help your doctor to assess whether the sugar level is under control or not. Or whether any adjustment or change is needed in the medication, food intake and exercise,
    Test strips results are most near and the level of error or deviation margin is given in their brochure. Test strip results are good for self tests and as indicators of trend. They are convenient and easy for self testing. One should properly tabulate the results with giving details of date, time, rest gap, fasting gap, post meal gap etc.
    Regular periodic test by strips and lab tests periodically at monthly; or quarterly intervals for Hb1 Ac will be quite helpful in this regard for diabetic diagnosed patients and who are under monitoring.
    To get more realistic results, one should read and follow the instructions given with the test strips and also as advised by your doctor.

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    This is not reliable as compared to the test they conduct by extracting the blood samples but still they can be relied upon. I also have an electronic device since last 10 years and have been checking my blood sugar levels by this only and I never felt that it's not showing the accurate results.

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    If the diet was strictly under control and yet the reading fluctuates is the matter being discussed.
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    It doesn't depend on the diet totally . It depends on the stress more we take on. Many of us think that diabetes depends on the diet only but it's not that.

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