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    Why the government decisions are not people suppotive?

    Whether state or the central governments, some far reaching decisions taken are not having the support and cooperation of people and thus proves that decisions are not based on public outcry but for the popularity and benefit of the ruling party in power. Even during the King's days the voice of the people are given the regard and decisions are taken as per the people want. But ruling parties are going head strong with their absolute majority factor and does not care to public outcry and thus many decisions are turning up to be protests.
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    I think it's the personal political view of the author that state governments and central government don't take decisions which satisfy people's outcry. However, the author did not specify any decision which he assumes as anti people or decisions which are not for commonweal. It will be appreciated if the author highlights such issues so that other members might express their opinion about them.
    A few issues are coming in my mind which are directly related to people such as demonetization, GST, Farmers bills etc. The last one is being opposed by farmers, mainly, of Punjab. What does the author think ?

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    I think we should not make a general statement. Some decisions may be welcomed and some may be opposed. But whatever decisions are made by the ruling party, the opposition will say it is a bad decision only. If that taken as a standard to make this statement? I don't know.
    If all the decisions are bad, definitely in the next elections that party should lose power. But in the centre, the same party won second time also and same is the case with Telangana state also. That indicates the voters liked the ruling of the parties and hence brought them back.
    I think we should discuss point was to discuss which decision is correct or which is not correct. Making a general statement may not be logical in my opinion.

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    The people are divided in different groups and have loyalty to different parties and will only support the Govt if it is their own party. This is a fundamental fact in any democratic system and Every Govt knows it well and that is the reason they do what they think correct in spite of the non cooperation from some parts of the society. To add fuel to the fire some people have anti establishment tendencies and they will always oppose the Govt whether it does right or wrong. They want a fool proof utopian Govt which is not possible in the real world. We have to live with it.
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