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    Is it good if the interest areas of a person match with his profession?

    Do you think a career can be taken up solely keeping one's interests in mind? Or does the necessity to consider the income from a job that matter more?

    For our livelihood and career we choose a profession as per our abilities and qualifications and continue in that. This is the most common way of living in this world. At the same time, we have some hobbies and interests also which we want to pursue for our own satisfaction and happiness. There are some lucky people who have a profession as per their hobby and they enjoy working on it, as it gives them satisfaction and it is a source of earning for them as well. They do not change their job also as they know that in another job they might not remain as contented and happy as in the present one. Have you seen some such cases where people enjoy their job because it matches with their interest areas? Or do you believe that earning money is the main thing and interest or liking is not a matter to be considered? Please share your views.
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    It is true. If we have an interest in the work we are doing we will do it with more dedication towards that work and we will end up successfully. I used to travel daily from my village to the nearby town for my intermediate. We see some people very happy when they are on duty. That shows that they are having an interest in doing that job. Some people will be always murmuring about their job. That is an indication that they don't have interest in that job.
    But these days it is very difficult to get a job of your liking. You have to develop an interest in the work you are doing. Then only you can perform well and continue in the job. Otherwise, the chances of losing that job also are more. Once you develop an interest in the work you are doing well your success rate will improve and that will give you chances for promotions and career progression.

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    The author has categorised profession into 2 categories but I think they are in 3 categories (1) Jobs as per qualifications(2) as per interest (3) as per hobbies.

    A person generally gets a job as per his qualifications and abilities which are perfect on the scale on eligibility criteria. Every job seeker tries to get those educational qualifications which enable him to get the job he has interest in. Whereas hobbies are absolutely personal regular activities which are done for enjoyment, typically during one's leisure time, not professionally and not for pay. But if someone wants to change his hobby into a profession then some of the hobbies can be the source of income like painting, playing, singing, writing, acting, photography, mimicry etc

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    It is the fact that many of us are not having the right kind of job and most of them are under employed , ie means not getting the right job commensurate with the quantification and experience. If the area of interest is different and what the work being done is different, surely the job satisfaction would be less or nil and that would turn to non complaisance of duty rules and that instead of progressing some are demoted and not given the right way of promotion. Many a time people complain that they should have got the government job but ended up working in private firm of no incremental salaries even after so many years.
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    There is so much competition and struggle for the jobs today that it is very rare that a person will get a job of his liking or interest. Most of the persons have to compromise in their lives for making a livelihood or earning for survival. Still, there could be some luckier lot and they will definitely enjoy their job if they get a line of their choice.
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    The present condition in the job market is very sluggish and hence there is no question of rejection of the job coming across your way. We have witnessed numerous candidates having engineering degree but are applying for the post of security personnels. Their student life was rosy and they were top performers in their studies. But to have a job of their liking is not offing and waiting for a job of their interest would not be a wide choice. Hence the best recourse is to accept the same and go ahead for searching for a job of their matching interest. During such a transition phase, one should not loose patience ratter they should develop a skills to update themselves to prove their worth in their upcoming interviews.

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