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    Introducing digital marketing in colleges and universities

    With digital marketing increasingly becoming useful, is it time for it to be formally introduced in the school curriculum? Analyze the benefits of doing so at an early stage of academics for it to be a useful step in the student's future career.

    Digital marketing is an emerging field and becoming a preferred method for businesses to increase visibility and generate more sales. With different digital marketing channels like email marketing, social media marketing, SEO and content marketing, companies look for a digital marketing expert to handle the marketing of their products and services. This field has increased many job opportunities in different sectors where candidates can opt to tailor skills and join as full-time workers. The current pandemic situation has also increased the scope of digital marketing and has leveraged businesses for better conversion.

    When digital marketing is gaining so much importance in the marketing world, isn't it a critical stage to introduce digital marketing at colleges and universities to provide robust marketing skills to the students. At a time when the economy is sloppy due to restrictions so businesses are unable to normalize their work, isn't it the best time to introducing the subject in colleges and universities? Though online courses are available, what about including it into the school curriculum?
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    There are some emerging trends in the learnings and education field and we have to adopt the in the college curriculum if we want that a large section of the students are benefited. New dimensions are emerging in the business and there is a need of subjects like AI, digital marketing, coding etc to be included in the regular school or college courses so that the students do not face difficulties when they suddenly encounter these things in the real life career and job situations. The old syllabus has to be edited and revised time to time in view of these new opportunities.
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    Surely the school and the college curricula should match with the demand of the time and that is the emerging digital marketing. India should say bye bye to traditional education method which was no more useful. The future belongs to digital India and digital method of life and existence and therefore changing digital mode has to be educated in the schools with right earnest. Even the school and college staff need to be trained and educated on digital platforms so that they too have good knowledge which can be imparted to the school children first. Nevertheless the future seems to be bright for digital marketing.
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    It should be made a part of the curriculum so that the concept will get introduced to them at the intermediate level at least. That will make all the students know something about the concept and this will make them enthusiastic to know more about the subject and they will also explore the possibilities of earning while even studying. It can be a full course in degree level as a special subject and interested people can choose this as their preference. This will give a chance to students to improve their skills in this area and they need not go for a separate diploma course for getting a job. The coming days are definitely for the people who know more about this digital marketing and people who are qualified in this subject will have a better chance to procure a good job. The education should need-based and it should give them required inputs to become skilled personnel and industry will give them better scope to perform well in their position.
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    It's always important to upgrade the curriculum at regular intervals where new subjects have to be introduced and the outdated portions have to be eliminated. Undoubtedly the world is going digital and many of our activities are completed in the digital way. Almost everybody has a digital presence in the form of having an email address, presence on social media, a profile on professional platforms etc and while accessing their accounts or searching something on the internet they are visiting various websites for the information. More time is spent nowadays exchanging information digitally and that's why it's become a norm to promote business digitally and also a good way to increase revenue. Like any other process of marketing, digital marketing is also a process and it's emerging. A lot of career opportunities are there in digital marketing and therefore, thrust must be given on learning this course at least in the graduation level so that students do not stay behind while venturing out in the professional arena.

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    Why only for students? Even teachers could learn. In fact, I feel not only digital marketing, but some training programs can be conducted by the school/college admin. for their faculty on other things, such as on conducting online classes as well. Even something like the basics of using an Excel spreadsheet for attendance, marks, etc they could learn.
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