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    A superb movie with a difference...

    To make a movie is tough and one based on a biopic even more so. And pretty risky as well if it is being released on the OTT platform through Amazon Prime.

    Surarai Potru, starring the talented Surya is one film with a big difference. It is based on the real life of the game changer called Gopinath who founded Air Deccan and enabled thr poor to fly across the country. The movie has been brilliantly made, with a few songs. But thr thread relates to the passion of Captain Gopinath to create a low cost airline. His wife runs a bakery in a small town and she makes it profitable after she presents a business proposal to her husband. The challenges to the hero are shown very quickly and realistically.

    Sorarai Potru literally means celebrate people with ideas and those who are learned. The movie is positively a welcome addition of good movies in Tamil.
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    Am told that the movie is being released in Telugu as well. I do not know if it is being released in Hindi.

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    Thanks for sharing. I do watch regional language films if they have subtitles so will watch this as well, and give my feedback later if the thread is still open.
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    True. This movie has come in Telugu also. My son has watched this movie on Amazon Prime. He has also given a very good rating to the movies. The title of the movies is 'Akaasame Neehaddura.' The meaning is the sky is the limit. This is a very famous phrase used in Telugu and they used to use this phrase when they want to say there are many chances and all depends on how you utilise that. After seeing this thread I asked my son and he told me this information. I will also try to watch that movie on Amazon prime. Thanks to the author for the information about the movies.
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    The movie has just been released on the Diwali day. And we are not mad to run after films to watch it on the same day. It would take time for us to view the film and comment on it. I would like to view films on the big silver screen. We cannot appreciate the film through the Idiot box or the hand held gadgets. Surya is a talented actor. Singam has proved it. Soorarai Potru is also expected to do the magic. Let me view the film.
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    From the mention of the author the film seems to be interesting and captivating the real life portrayal of a person who made distinctive approach to his ideas and got excelled within short period. Good success stories never made as film nor the people give permissions to make film on their real life. But given the pandemic and new idea of making short films for the net viewers exclusive, new ideas are created and made and thus we are treated with superlative movie called Surarai potru. And small time movies need not have the paid big artiste. If the story, action and the dialogues are gripping and nearly matching to the real life events that baffled everyone can also be made as movie with added songs and masala but the director and producer must see that the movie is made with good screen play and have the grip over the topic.
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    I watched Soorarai Pottru on Amazon Prime a few days ago. It was not something that I personally would describe as a superb film. While the makers of the film put in a disclaimer that it is not a biopic, I wish in fact it was made as one. It would have been a taut biopic on Air Deccan's founder Captain G. R. Gopinath. Instead, we get a typical commercial film with totally needless songs (which are not even memorable). There is the hero Suriya in the role of Nedumaaran who shows spark in only some scenes such as the standoff with his father and the emotional one with his mother on returning home. Why on earth he is shown as constantly running (such as to the bank counter) is beyond my understanding. Aparna in the role of the wife was not too bad, conveying a feisty character quite well. The ones who impressed me the most were Kavitha Ranjini as the mother and the one who played the role of the father (didn't quite catch his name). Their acting in all their scenes was really outstanding. Even the actor who played the role of the helpful uncle (restaurant owner) was good. A lot less of the overdramatic scenes (the ones related to the Air Force Commanding Officer being lenient was really overstretched) and a more taut film would have made it less lagging and slow. At best, a fairly good film that could have been far better, not an outstanding one.

    One thing - it was interesting to see the use of pagers, which was before the time of mobile phones and it fondly brought to my mind the pagers we had in the office I worked in as these were our communication with the field reps.

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    Any movie showing people working in an entrepreneurship way would be interesting to see if the story line is good and direction of film is nice. The rise of Deccan Airlines as a low priced service is well known in India. That itself is a good theme. They introduced many newer things during that time. Such films are a change for the viewers as they are different from the usual stuff that we view regularly.
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    A film becomes a hit and can grab lot of people when it has a eye catchy title, the actor or the actress is their favourite-hence would never miss to be on the que to collect the first day, first show in theatres. These days Amazon Prime is kindling this interest by releasing the new films in their channel.
    We can also get lots of trailors on youtube. The third aspect is when the viewers spread the positive comment on a film, it will be a grand hit. It all depends on individual interest which varies from person to person.

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