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    Personal liberty is for all

    Personal liberty should never be violated. It's against the law to contravene this right of a fellow human being. But whose personal liberty is given importance and whose personal liberty is deprived of due importance is a big question. Personal liberty of every individual is equally important and respectable.

    It's also said that personal liberty is treated on an individual basis considering the status of the people. Some people say it is all hearsay, some people are adamant to prove it. All of them have their views and nobody can stop them from having this opinion, the problem starts when opinions are expressed. But in the name of personal liberty, nobody is allowed to hurt other people. I see many people who create nuisance around people, use indecent comments against them, give it a name of personal liberty. You can see these people around you.
    When I see or interact with these people I don't heed to them. Since I'm not a social reformer, why I should try to expound them what wrong they are doing when I know they are going to take every suggestion nonchalantly.
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    Personal liberty to all is very important as long as they are not hurting others in the name of personal liberty. If you talk bad about a person as you have freedom of speech, the other person will not keep silent. He will go to court and demand compensation from you for the derogatory remarks. So we have to use the freedom given to us very carefully.
    Criticising others for no fault of them and naming it as personal liberty is not correct. The freedom given to you is for you to lead a happy life but not to make others scapegoats. One should always remember and conduct themselves.
    In our country, if you have the money you can do anything and the mistake committed by a rich man can be a cause for punishing a poor man. Money makes all the differences. An accident is committed by a rich man and his driver was punished. This is how things happen in our country.

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    Why there are commotions and face off among the people and the country because there is always tendency to encroach on others rights and properties and thus personal liberty is at stake. The recent stand off with China that the dragon country is encroaching our lands and we are safeguarding it from the PLA army. It is not good practice to have say on theirs land and rights and that unilateral action gives rise to bash on regardless attitude from our forces. Like wise the main dispute between India and Pakistan that they want to encroach our land along the line of control and thus quarrel.
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    There are some bad elements in the society who never care for the privacy or personal liberty and space of the people. They will in fact provoke them to fight and then enjoy the incident as they have friends alike who would favour them rather than the victim. This is a bad trend in society and such people can be seen doing it all across the societies in our country. I do not know what pleasure they derive by offending people now and then.
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    If you want to choose between social bonds and personal freedom, then you will naturally choose personal freedom. Freedom means no social pressure for the kind of life you want to live. There should not be any kind of bond on your soul to know what you are. But if this freedom is eager to spoil the society or destroy society, then it is not freedom but freedom, rebellion, or separatism. Your personal freedom in your family is limited only to you. When you are with your parents, you have to stay restrained. Personal freedom means whatever you want to do but you have to live within the limits of equality and fraternity.

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