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    When the sleep disorder is more the fatigue sets in

    On an average we have to sleep for 6 to 8 hours depending on the work done the whole day. Some people go for more than 10 sleep and that is too much asking far, Some sleep for just eight hours and even adjust their lives accordingly. But it is the proven fact that those who are having six hours of sleep are bound to make more mistake he gets, next day because the fatigue sets in and the work gets deeply affected by the strange behavior Never the less the sleep should not compromised in the guise of late work, partying and other celebrators.
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    Our body demands at least eight hours sound sleep and if the same is achieved, our metabolism works the best. Hence to relax the nerves, we need to have healthy pattern of sleep. However, we have seen many people deprived of sound sleep. If we analyse the reason, we would see that such a break of sleep is attributed to over sensitivity snatching away the peace of mind. The unrest of mind does not allow the body to restore healthy cycle of sleep. This is more prevalent among the educated mass having the attitude of overanalysing the issues. While we look at the lower middle classes, they are involved in physical labour for earning their money. They remain satisfied with their earnings. Because of absence of negative thinking, they truly enjoy the peace of mind. Hence once they go to the beds, they will have the sound sleep.

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    Sleeping is the time when body recoups it's spent energy and does so many repairs that we feel fresh after a good night's sleep. Any disorder or deficiency in sleep can have disastrous effect on our body and health. Many young people feel great about waking up whole the night and partying but it has its own cost as the health is affected which an individual finds later in one's life. We should give the sleep as a priority in our life. At the same time it does not mean that we should sleep a lot. No, a sound sleep of 6 hours is more than sufficient but it should be availed regularly.
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    When we work during the day we need rest to refresh our body, so when night falls we go to bed. The author has raised his concern about those people who are unable to have a sound sleep and thus, they feel lethargy and dullness when they go to work the next day. How many hours one needs to sleep soundly is a question in this thread. Generally, the span of sound sleep is between 6 to 8 hours and it varies from person to person. We should accustom ourselves to sleep for 6 hours instead of 7 or 8 hours, in this way we will save our 2 hours. If we take more hours on a bed we shorten our life-span.

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    If body is considered a machine then sleep is the overhauling process to make the machine fit and working.
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    I don't think we can categorically state that 10 hours is too much. Some people may require more hours than others. I have also read that it is not necessary that one requires a full eight to nine hours. What is important is to have a fixed schedule, to sleep at a particular hour daily and also to follow a kind of winding down routine. That is, ensure that you stop watching TV, stop fiddling with gadgets, finish your meal and post-meal chores, complete pre-sleeping routine, etc so that you are lying down early since actual sleep will set in later. Once you stick to a routine, the circadian rhythm becomes regular and it refreshes you better than erratic schedules.

    Same with taking an afternoon nap. I've found that if post-lunch I work online and nap later than usual, I tend to wake up later at tea-time with a still sleepy and lethargic daze!

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    Even regular 6 to 7 hours sleep is also sufficient, I feel. I feel it all depends on how you train your body and mind. My wife generally goes to bed at 11 PM. She will get up at 5 AM. That means she sleeps for 6 hours. In the afternoon she sleeps for an hour. So totally she will be sleeping for about 7 hours. She never feels that sleeplessness. But if she is not sleeping for one hour after lunch she feels tired and she will be very restless that day. So she never avoids that afternoon sleep. I sleep at 11 PM and gets up at 6 AM. Total 7 hours. But I never sleep in the afternoon and that 7 hours of sleep is sufficient for me.
    I have seen some people who go to bed very late and get up very late are not very active even though they have 7 hours of sleep. So a timely sleep is also very important. People who work in night shifts may sleep in the day time. Even then they are not very comfortable after getting up from sleep.

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