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    An uneducated boss vs an IAS Officer

    In recent elections of Bihar a slogan of 10 lac government jobs made youth of Bihar as zealous supporters of a young politician. Why it happened so because there are 46% of young educated people who are still jobless in Bihar.
    I see young boys and girls who are studying in schools go for coaching/tuition before the sun rises while most of the people are still asleep. How a student devotes his time to study, works hard to get a degree or diploma, spends a lot of money on education and after getting his degree he struggles to get a suitable job and make his life settled. Intelligent students seek opportunities to become a doctor, engineer, computer professional, auditor etc and some of them who are highly intelligent qualify UPSC examinations successfully. How much hard work these students do to succeed. Some of the young people have God-gifted talent like acting, singing, painting etc, nevertheless, they also struggle to become successful in their profession.

    But one special profession is very popular in our country and the interesting point is that it does not require any specific educational qualifications as such. When the situation is that nobody can become even an office peon without educational qualifications but It's a unique profession where a 7th class pass out or even an uneducated person can become the boss of an IAS/IPS officer, he can dictate and order an officer, and the officer will abide by his order like his obedient servant. So what, if this boss has a criminal background too, nevertheless, an IPS officer will salute him. Do you know who this boss is.?
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    It is very unfortunate that the politicians without qualification win the elections through various means and boss over the ever well educated well behaved IAS officers and even abuse them in the public. Politicians may come and go, it is the administration which works round the clock the makes the things moving. By virtue of having won the election and having got the power to run the government it does not mean that the politician is more educated and more knowledgeable than the officers and they have to work with tandem and not with confrontation. When NTR was the CM of AP then, he used to boss over the IAS cadre and there was virtual war with the association and even non cooperation from some officers. It is the broad mind set in some IAS officers who adjust to the diktats of the politician in power even though it is against their ethics.
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    Earlier days politics was never treated as a profession and it was never a source of income. Many political leaders of yesteryears spend their lives like a normal person only. We all know very simple leaders like Lal Bahadur Sastry. Even the other politicians were also not very greedy and at least doing some good service. They used to respect IAS officers and they used to give maximum respect to them. PRK Prasad, an IAS officer, has written his autobiography in which he mentioned how PVNR used to treat him and what type of politicians is PVNR.
    Unfortunately, these days politics has become a profession and a very good source of income. They boss over IAS officers. By seeing the attitude of these leaders IAS officers also started finding ways to make money. These days IAS officers as well as politicians got united and earning as much as they can. A common man is a victim of these selfish politicians and officers.

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    It is very surprising to note that though there is a minimum qualification of eligibility for every job, there is none for the politician. In my opinion if not an entrance exam at least they should be graduates. Nowadays graduate is the minimum qualification so many places. There are cases where people are not getting married if they are not graduates. I think this should be somehow to be brought in the law and some minimum qualification should be prescribed to become a MLA or a MP or a Minister. That will definitely bring some much needed change in the political atmosphere.
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    How difficult life can be we can imagine if there is an uneducated boss like the one mentioned in the thread. The question is who is going to make those uneducated boss educated. They are the people who fix their own salaries, frame laws for the people of this country and say whatever they feel like in front of the public. Unfortunately, knowing all these we still support them in elections. Though there are some good and well-educated politicians in many cases, they also behave in the same way as uneducated and corrupt politicians. We are very much used to it but we also want a change in the way the politicians function in our country. Whenever a new entrant joins politics or forms a new political outfit people become hopeful and after some time the new entrant also becomes corrupt. Nobody can guess when there will be a change in the functioning of the political arena.

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    But the situation in some parties are changing as they have now realized that popular educated people can also win the elections without spending much money due to their connect with the people on social media and other forums and thus they need not promise largess or free gifts to voters and simply win with their name. good education back ground and urge to do something good for the society and the same has happened with BJP candidate in the Dubbaka bye election who won against the formidable ruling party candidate and thus Rahgunandan has lead with the example for this thread.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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