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    Your behavior should not be shocker to others

    I met a family recently and they have one daughter and one son. While the daughter is studying and even taking care of house hold chores during her free time, it is the son who behaves strangely and does not have the iota of responsibility towards the family. He is qualified and yet does not stick to the available job and wants more from the day one. And this bad attitude turned into rude behavior at home and work place and it has become a big menace for their family and the father being retired the family cannot confront the daily needs. So relatives are helping them out.
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    Behaviour is an important parameter by which a person is known in the society and gets the appropriate reputation. It is said that no one bothers what you know or what you are but what matters is your behaviour with the people which only they remember for long. One interesting thing in this regard is that you may behave thousand times nicely with people but if only once you misbehave, they will remember that occasion and always mention or refer it. This shows that we cannot afford to misbehave with anyone even for once. It requires efforts to behave properly but there is no other go except it in our lives if one wants to be popular and liked by the masses..
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    The only son often gets spoilt in a family because of excessive and undue affection and fondling, even his undue demands are fulfilled by parents which, over time, ensues such untoward ramifications. He has been transformed into an impudent, rude, stubborn young boy. Probably his parents gave him freedom beyond the proper limit. How suffocated ambience of this family is can be surmised easily because I have seen such families which are disturbed because of their spoilt sons.

    Such boys either reformed themselves and become a responsible person or if they don't mend their ways, eventually, become criminals.
    I think any person who does he respect or who does he fear or who does he have friendship with can be helpful to make him realize his responsibilities about his family.

    Good behaviour is a beautiful quality which, reciprocally, causes respect from others. It wins hearts. We should keep our tongue in control because all our behaviour depends on how we talk to people. Harsh words pierce into the hearts of people and soft words please others. Even enemies may have a soft corner for their enemies because of good behaviour.

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    The behaviour of the person speaks the mentality and the attitude of the person. We can understand the person by observing the behaviours. The way in which they talk and respond will indicate their behaviour.
    In some families, sons may be more responsible and in some families, daughters may be responsible. This varies from family to family. I have seen a family where they have a son and a daughter. The son is taking care of his old parents. Daughter is married and stays with her husband. Every time she comes to her parents and demands something or other. The old parents request the son and he obliges and tries to satisfy the parents as well as the sister.
    When our behaviour is good and when we respect others, others will also respect us. Even we are in a commanding position if we behave badly with our subordinates, they may keep silent but they may be cursing us inside. So we should be good with people.

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