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    Retirement age is enjoyable or very taxing?

    After having put service for so many years either in private or government department, the elders are made to retire and from that day they are considered the retired person with no activity. If the elders are getting pensions regularly they are respected and regarded and if they fail to get anything after being retired, they are not cared and chided to sit in the reclined chair. This is the situation many elders feel that they should work some where to keep them busy and earn for themselves without depending on others for money and material.
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    Retirement is a process which gives permanent rest to working people. It does not mean that now they are physically weak or mentally retarded, however, it implies to a demarcation which lies between employability and unemployability. As long as a man is working he earns money and bears all expenses of his family, so he always keeps his head high but when he reaches superannuation, he will no more be working as an employee, it means he will no more be earning money for himself and his family. Those who are government employees don't struggle too much in further life because they don't need to ask their sons for money to meet their expenses but those who are in the private sector may be changed into a useless item in the sight of their sons and daughters-in-law. They have to bear direct or indirect humiliation decently or indecently which makes them realize as a waif lying in a corner.
    I don't advocate to let them work for their respectful sustenance. I assert that their sons must take up this responsibility to give it to their parents which they deserve for.

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    In Hindu Mythology we believe fate and the time ahead of retirement will be determined by the attitude and temperament of each of the members of the family. If the are sensible, having the sense of sacrifice and are co- operative, the phase of retirement would be enjoyable. If the employee was working in central or state government, they would enjoy a respectable pension linked with dearness allowance and in that case the retiree and his spouse would not face any issue financially. Such an employee would get due respect from other members but the same privilege is not extendable to other employees. It means that they have to be independent on their sons and daughters for his maintenance along with his wife. His life may be smooth due to cooperation of his son and daughter in law but reverse is also true if the behaviour of the family- members are insensitive. Hence the development after retirement is not within the hand of the retirees.

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    Retirement life will be good to enjoy with family members. Till retirement, the persons may be always spending their time in official works and may not be spending time with the family. Once retired, the person will not have botheration about the office and so a lot of time will be there and can be spent with granddaughters/ grandsons and feel happy. But if they have no income either as pension or interest on the reserve fund available, they have to suffer a lot. Many private company employees after retirement struggle a lot for their livelihood as they don't have a pension. So they have to try for an alternative profession or they have to depend on their sons. These days sons behave differently, especially after marriage. They may not treat the parents respectfully and they feel that they are unnecessarily creating problems. So a private employee's life after retirement may not be very pleasant.
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    Retirement for many is a shock while for many of us it could be an opportunity to rest and enjoy the idleness. Those who want to work for them it is a big shock and though they try to get some job but in this country when there is no job for the young people who is going to give a job to a retired person. Some people say that they are so experienced that they should easily get a job. I doubt that because there are many people in the age group of 50-60 years who are equally experienced and available in the industry for working so who will appoint the retired people? At the same time there are some people who never liked to work but were forced to do so because they had a job and in fact they were always planning to take early retirement if available. Such people will enjoy life after retirement because their happiness is derived from the laziness and unproductive style of life.
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    It is said that retirement is beginning of a new cycle in ones life. It is like taking birth again. Most of the people accept it in the normal way without complaining and then pass their lives in Yoga, exercises, religious matters, and other such engagements. One has to keep oneself busy after the retirement so that one does not feel boredom and lack of activity. In some places the old people form a club where they meet in the morning as well as in the evening and pass their time in political discussions or other casual chit chats. So, one has to find some company after one gets retirement.
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    Though the elders are eligible to recline in the easy chair, they chose to venture and work.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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