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    Drive safely and follow traffic norms to save lives on the road

    In India, we see many fatalities happening on the roads due to rash driving, notorious roads and unstable vehicles. Such defects heavily result in the loss of life and property. The role of a driver becomes important to maintain traffic rules and make everyone else walking on the road comfortable. Obey traffic signals and help to streamline the traffic on the road. Don't forget to carry documents with.
    For a driver, it is mandatory to tie the seat belt for his safety to prevent hitting the windshields in case of an accident. Maintaining the speed of a vehicle is even more important point to mind while driving. Controlling and maintaining speed helps minimize the chances of an accident. Also, maintain a distance from other vehicles and never overtake unnecessarily. Using phone and drinking are two dangerous things while driving. These things should be avoided.
    Don't overlook the condition of your vehicle. It must be frequently checked and repair immediately if you found any defect in it.
    It is necessary to maintain the traffic norms to prevent accidents on roads. We have witnessed many tragic accidents consuming many lives and destroying families. It gives a chilling bump to see such unfortunate demise on road accidents. So, a request to all, follow traffic norms and drive safely to save your life and the lives of others.
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    The author has raised a relevant issue which encompasses several sub-topics and these topics can be elaborated as a comprehensive treatise too. I agree with him. Road accidents are common happenings occurring in every city, mainly, due to carelessness and neglecting traffic rules. Motorbike is the most dangerous vehicle on the road. I don't understand what is the point in manufacturing superbikes. Why does the government not ban deriving them on the road like a common bike? lately, I heard the news of a young boy, the only son of his parents, who had already cleared Civil Services- preliminary examination died in an accident. It was reported by onlookers that he was driving on high speed, almost, 200 km/hr. His father was crying, " Why do they manufacture these bikes"?

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    True. The views of the author are very correct. Accidents should be avoided. Accidents will cause a lot of damage to the individuals and sometimes they will affect the families also. If the prime earner of the family meets with an accident, the whole family will suffer. So One should be always careful and follow all traffic rules without any deviation. If you are not following traffic rules another person who is an innocent may suffer badly. So we should not drive unsafely.
    One of my distinct relatives was a LIC development officer. He was having a wife and two sons. He was the only earning member in the house and oneday in a road accident for no fault of him he died. The whole family was on the road. The wife can't go for a job. The sons are still studying. Luckily, her brothers took care of her and her sons. After completing the minimum education the elder son was given a posting in LIC as a clerk. They experienced a lot of change in their lives. This is all because of the careless driving of a car driver.

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    Normally if anybody advised good things, it will irritate them without understanding such advice is only for their wellness. I used to say that the vehicle driving persons should drive very carefully in any area with utmost care especially in rainy seasons. If they are localists they know where there is any pitfalls. If they are new to that area they do not know where there is any pitfalls. So however they should have careful driving in order to save themselves from any danger.

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    Driving is one of the great experiences in itself. But sometimes, with a little carelessness, it gives joy to feasts in which accidents are also built on life. But you can avoid easy accidents by taking some precautions while driving. Whether it is a pedestrian or a driver, it is very important for everyone to follow road rules so that accidental accidents can be avoided. In such a situation, it is important that you not only learn about road safety rules but also follow them.

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    There are many people who do not obey the traffic rules and do not care for the speed control also. They are not only a threat to themselves but a greater threat to the society and kill some innocent persons on the roads and crossings. Unfortunately we do not have good governance in the country and there are not stringent punishment for the defaulters. Sometimes some small fine is levied which they pay happily. Actually the vehicle of these people should be detained and should be returned only when the case is clear from the court and penalty should be so high that the person will think twice before defaulting.
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    Nice advice from the author for giving the tips and advice on the traffic rules to be followed for personal safety and also for others safely who are also using the roads. It is being observed that most of the accidents happen due to human error and many accidents are happening during the wee hours that is between 3 am and 6 pm which is the peak time for any one to have the good nap and if the drivers fail to take rest and resume the driving, they are bound to make accidents and that would be deadly because, the fatigue sets in , the eye lids go automatically to the closed mode without even prompting it and thus accidents occur at that time. And those who are coming from the lanes are not respecting the traffic on the main road and thus take the sharp left or right curve hitting the traffic on the main road and even skidding.
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    Long back I was travelling along with my family in a bus in the night time and it was a highway. After some time we found that the driver sped up and was competing with another bus which was trying to overtake it. That driver was also adamant and was somehow trying to go ahead. In this raze both were driving fast and the passengers were feeling very unsafe. Some passengers told the driver that please drive slowly but he just laughed and said something curtly. So these people are neither care for their own lives nor the life of the passengers. Same trait I have seen in cities in some people who will try to cross the crossing in that last second when the light turns red and then they will quarrel with the policeman if caught. I think there is something wrong in the society the way people are being brought up and educated.
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