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    Keeping silent does not mean agreeing

    Some people are very simple and humble enough and they do not react or respond to the comment made by some aggressive and timid persons. This should not be taken as their agreement with the offenders as many might be perceiving after seeing the response of the simple ones. The simple people do not want to confront with these arrogant and ill behaved offenders as that would only bring bitterness in between. If required an appropriate answer can be given later.

    So, keeping silent does not mean agreeing with the views. It is only to avoid the confrontation. Members may like to comment.
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    Sometimes even though we are in not in agreement with the views of the other person, we will not express our ideas and we will keep silent so that we will have peace of mind. If our boss gives some idea about work even though we don't like it we may not say immediately no and we will keep silent. Later on, somehow we will try to pass on the message slowly otherwise we will keep silent.
    Many times we hear many people giving suggestions and their views even though we never wanted them. We may be hearing them even though we don't like it. This is only to avoid bitterness and confrontation. we will be facing these situations many times in our lives. That is why many people say keeping silent is the best way to have a piece of mind and avoid enmity with others.
    At the same time, some people feel that silent people are inefficient and they can't be useful for anything. But I disagree with such an opinion. Silence is the best weapon I always feel to avoid unwanted situations.

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    The author is right to say if an humble person does not reply to an arrogant person because he does not want any confrontation with him then his silence should not be considered that he agrees with him. Self-assertive people are always pushy to get their views and arguments accepted by everyone. They are so much aggressive that contradicting their views or rebuttal to their arguments may enrage them. So, in this situation sagacious and considerate people don't reply to them which they assume as their consent.

    The bilateral argument is a good process to increase knowledge. Both of them are benefited by healthy arguments and discussion. When another person shares his knowledge and experience which we are not aware of, it benefits us. The best way to learn more knowledgable from people is that we should be a good listener. When someone is paid attention to what he says he is encouraged to keep on sharing his knowledge with a good listener.

    The issue which the author has raised can be moulded in our way, keep on listening to what he says instead of debunking his views despite knowing that his views are not correct. However, we may expound him politely where he is wrong. We should not be aggressive to him because we know what his nature is. The best way to deal with such a person is either change the topic or move away from there.

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    There is no need to talk unnecessarily and those who find the suggestion or comment not worthy of responding do not respond. There are some comments where it is better to respond after giving it a good thought. In such situations, it is better to be silent. Controlling our minds is very important and those who can remain under control in any situation behave according to the situation. If they understand that it will create some problem if their disagreement to a proposal is known to others they stay silent at the moment and later on when they find the right opportunity they speak up.

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    It is always better to talk in the polite way and if such a process fails to convince the other party, we should change the topic or still better to leave the place. The impression that talking politely is a sign of weakness is not correct or rather it is a mechanism to enjoy the peace of mind. In that way we can enhance our own efficiency in relation to our job activities. It may sometime happen that we are not agreeing to the other party but maintain silence giving false impression to the other party that we comply with him. So to be safe side. Let it be known to the other party that we are not accepting his views and this should be told politely but in a firm voice.

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    I agree with it. I am a sort of a person who don't like to answer the comment of such people. Most of the people think silence of a person is agreeing but that is wrong. My silence means your stupid questions are not up to my level . It's very strange people still take it that I do agree with them.

    People should understand that if a person is silent over their comment it means he may not have liked their comment or doesn't want it necessary to respond it. Many of the time people get confused . Sometimes I also feel it's not good to be silent instead I should say NO if I don't agree with them.


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    There is a thought- Speech is silver, silence is gold. When ever we speak, it makes a great impact as few of our thoughts may be positive but yet may not be liked as well may hurt their feelings. During such circumstances, it is better to remain in silence and understand the scenario so that the same problem does not occur again. The work done by us may not be praises by all but should be atleast criticised by any one.
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    This is an interesting observation. Sometimes when we do not react or raise our voice then people think that everything is alright and we are agreeing with them. But the fact is that we are doing it to avoid unnecessary confrontation.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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