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    Do you research on keywords before posting articles?

    Before posting articles, do you complete research for keywords and its search volume / CPC? If you do nothing before posting articles then how you are expecting more chances of income through Google?
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    I am not a regular article writer. I participate more in the forum section and AE section on this site. But I do a lot of Google search for my professional requirements.
    I will be writing some articles on Explosives, Chemicals and Chemistry. But I am not publishing on this site. I will be publishing them in peer-reviewed journals of the above subject area. In this connection, I will be doing a lot of searches. Some times I may not be getting the required subject articles in the search. Then I will be changing my search words and some good results are shown in the search. From this, I am able to understand how keywords play an important role. I heard that there are tools for this keyword research. I read some articles on this subject also. They are very useful for me in defining my search heading on Google. I have no Google Adsense account and so I have no idea about the payments from Google.

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    Yes lot of keyword tools provide data which they get from google. In this way you need to write article for keyword which has searches and when there is searches, there will be more chance of making money.

    For google adsense account you need to have a website with articles with atleast 6 month. After that you can apply for adsense account. If you need any help, you can contact me via message.

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    Nice thread from the author as many members are having the niche to earn from the article but many of them does not know how to create a catchy article much to the delight and understanding of the net users. There are some ordinary words which are always famous on the internet and that should form as the heading. The summary should highlight the content in advance so that it should arouse interest in reading the article. The body content should be elaborate and not the short cut way of writing and the key words which can be used much would be better for search engine to get into our article as when some searches are made on the internet. One thing is sure even a forum thread can be of great hit in the internet if the heading is catchy and the content is superlative as many wants gist of information and useful information.
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    Even I don't write articles often on any site so I don't know if it's good or bad to search keywords but I have read that it's good to do that to have more views. And if you want 5o earn more from an article you must do it before posting an article.

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    I am giving one free keyword tool which gives data like search volume for free from tier 1 countries.
    It is, i.e. dog food get 40,000 per month searches from USA. You can also use google keyword planner for more research.

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