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    What spirituality wants from us.

    Who doesn't want acquisition of wealth? Hardly anybody can be seen who is happy to what he has, and no further longing or want of wealth and worldly things has any space in his life. Must he be from a different planet? I have read life stories of great Saints who belonged to this very planet which we dwell upon. However, they're far different from us. What they see we don't see because they have embraced spirituality, which has utterly detached them from worldly glitterings. The reason is that they behold the reality of this worldly life.

    No religion inhibits the acquisition of wealth and riches, nor does hold it up as an evil, but religion, by and large, infuse an attitude of indifference to worldly things at large. The point is that affluence of wealth should not make them engrossed immensely that toxicity of wealth inhibits them to feel pain for pangs and sufferings of downtrodden and weak people. If they are blindfolded about pauper who looks at them jerking out, their wealth curses them. It's expected that wealthy people are to listen to these poor people, succour them when they need their help. Surely, they will be blessed with more wealth and riches for helping these poor creatures.

    Spirituality doesn't mean that you have to leave all worldly comforts and dwell somewhere in a cave or jungle. Spirituality, wants you to live in this very society, earn money but never forget to share your hard-earned money with poor. Do not snatch the rights of others. Be happy and be a messenger of happiness to others.
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    I agree with the thoughts of the author. Nobody says that you should leave all your worldly issues and go to a forest and do Japam there. But if you want you can do that. Earn in good ways. Never go for earning money through illegal ways. Be kind enough to fellow human beings. Help the needy. Don't think of the amassing huge money. Be happy and see others are also happy.
    Whatever may be the name of the religion, every religion will preach the same. Do dharma and never tell lies. When you are going to a temple. if you see a person suffering from dropping him near the hospital and then going to the temple is the best way for a humanbeing. Giving food to a person who is starving for food is more important than offering food to God. If we read the life history of Shirdi Sai Baba, we will find many incidents like this. He says if you give a chapati to a dog is the same as a giving a chapati to Him.

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    Being spiritual and want to go through the spiritual trait is the big thought itself and it can be inferred with lots of explanation and saying. That a person should not be too much possessive to his family and earning capacity and he should give time for others and part with some earnings. Spiritualism not only teaches to be sober and slow in every approach with lots of thinking, it also means reaching out to those who are finding difficult to have one square meal daily. In those days my fore fathers used to sit on the home front and look for those strangers who were passing through their way and call for having a meal with them. That was a good spiritual thinking on the part of our elders who passed on the legacy to other generation but unfortunately we are not able to follow nor followng those good traits anymore.
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    This is definitely one good way to understand what spirituality is and what does it mean in our lives. Spirituality is something beyond the materialistic pleasures. It is a philosophical look to ones life or say the whole human life as why we are here and what is our role in this world and what we gain finally when we leave everything here only and die one day. So spirituality helps us to understand the fundamental thing that these worldly affairs will be going on a usual and our new generations will replace us and would be living like we once lived but as we will not be there it does not matter what we have toady or what we have not. So, spirituality enlightens us to such a level that we become gentlemen, behaving with people in nicer ways, helping people wherever our capacity is there and things like that. Spirituality is not against money. It is against the misuse of money.
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    The author is right, people consider spirituality to be anti-life or an escape from life. People have a misleading belief that it is forbidden to enjoy spiritual life and it is necessary to suffer. While the truth is that to be spiritual has nothing to do with your outer life. Spirituality has nothing to do with any religion, sect, or creed. Whatever work you do, if there is goodness in it all, then you are spiritual. If you get completely immersed in any work, then the spiritual process starts, even if it is to sweep it. To know anything deeply is spirituality. People are not giving importance to real spirituality in their lives, so they are not giving importance to human values ??also, so if spiritual is added to the higher education system in today's education system and if the learner is lifted from the spiritual point of view then sure As they begin to understand human values

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