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    Do we plan enough to remain healthy?

    Many of you are planning for the future. Actually, it is always important to plan for the future. Not only planning the assets but also what you wish to do after finishing the present project. Some even plan for their grandchildren, though it's mostly financial in nature. I know there are many who will be able to say where they wish to see them after a certain period, say 5 years from now on. Mostly it will be in terms of their career or material gains. They are very important and maybe a measure of growth to some. I will not argue because every individual must have a choice and the important thing is to go ahead in life. If you own a bicycle today you may plan to own a bike after some time and a four-wheeler thereafter which is quite natural. What I feel, we miss one thing in future planning. To continue things in a good way we need to take care of our health. If we remain healthy we can do a lot of things but if we are not healthy still things can be continued but with many difficulties within. Let's plan something for our health – like we will do such and such things regularly to minimise/avoid such complications. We plan many things, renew our health policies but do not plan enough to remain healthy. Members, do you agree with me?
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    What I feel that we are not planning for our secured health but surely plant for material and acquiring asset either by having plot, flat or independent house. We feel that nothing is more important than acquiring asset for future but never give a thought about health and even secured life. Life set backs starts at the age of 40 when the children are about to settle in their lives and what is the use of such life where in we cannot enjoy the best moments of our senior citizen age and confronted with disease and uneasiness. Though the LIC policies are taken to secure the life, we are not keeping aside some amount for sudden life setback and the hospitalization cost and that is the reason being so many end up with challenging situation when they become pauper at the wee end of their life and they cannot manage to make money.
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    My father is doing this. He plans his food keeping his health in mind. He plans hid sleep keeping his health in his mind. He is so systematic in eating habits and schedules and he is very cautious about his health.
    Health is very important and if there is no health there is no use of having crores of rupees. One can't enjoy the life of there is no health. But many people ignore this health aspect. They know smoking is injurious to health. But they never give up smoking. They know drinking is unsafe. But they never bother. Like this many of us ignore our health aspect.
    These days health consciousness in some sections of the people is increasing. We see many people walking on the road in the early morning. Many people adjust their food habits in such a way there will not be any health complications.
    Health insurance is not a part of your health planning. It is for taking care of the expenditure in case of any health problems. These days many people have these insurance policies and these insurance companies only making a way for the doctors to earn huge amounts.

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    Whether we value it, care for it or ignore it, health is a very important parameter in our lives and as proverbial said that health is wealth, a healthy person can do many things in his life which a unhealthy person can only dream of. It is strange that many of us do not worry for our health and consider it a God gift and do not take care of it the way we should have taken. May be because caring for health requires a discipline in life and following a routine having place for exercises and other such body toning measures, so people do not want to take so much trouble and just keep it something out of their control. Good habits and good life style definitely affects our health and only those who have a good will power and determination to keep a control on their health can achieve that. It is a difficult task but has much merit and return hidden inside.
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