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    Teenagers would also become elder one day

    I was watching some boys teasing and playing with the eldest person though jokingly but I felt the elder was targeted and his image tarnished in front of all. I felt annoyed and scolded the boys to stop the teasing to which they said elders would not know how to enjoy while teasing others and elders are the bore-some persons in the world but the squarely forgotten that the same teenagers would confront the elders age sooner or the later and they will also face the same problem and even more challenging situation that ever.
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    The topic of this thread implies to Domino effect, what they are doing today with an elderly person, tomorrow they will be treated in the same manner by their next generation when they are among elderly people. This situation is quite pathetic.
    It's not the fault of these young boys but it's the fault of their parents who didn't raise them by teaching them good manners and they didn't teach them that they should respect all elderly people - known or unknown. It's the fault of their teachers who did not infuse good manners in their mind. Parents and teachers expect that these children will always respect them but they don't think if they misbehave with other elderly people.

    Here I would like to quote an incident of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, The founder of A.M.U. Aligarh. When he was a small child one day he misbehaved with his servant. He was an old man. When his father came to know about his misbehaviour, he scolded him and asked him to apologise to the servant.

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    By giving the example @715206 you have enhanced the importance of this thread further.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    What you will give will come to us one day or other in the sane form from somebody else. If you help somebody today, when you need help, somebody will respond positively. This is the rule of nature.
    When we are young we may be energetic and enjoying life in many ways. But when you become old you may not have that much energy. So you should not make fun of elders when you are young. You should remember that you will also become someday old and you have to face the same treatment from the young people at that time.
    The parents in the house should teach their children's good manners. They should teach them how to respect an elder man. Once it becomes a habit, he will never behave differently with elderly people. So the role of parents is very important and when the kid did a mistake if you tell that it is a mistake they will stop it. Otherwise, it will become a habit for them.

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    Rightly said by the author.
    Everything goes in the cycle in nature. If you are doing good to others then you will get good from somewhere in the same manner. On the other hand, if bad is done by you then you would get bad in return. So, good or bad depends upon you. The teenager's age group having a fluctuating mind. Sometimes, their mind is very diverting in nature. If they are making a joke to their elders. Then parent's responsibility is to make them understand regarding respect of elders. Otherwise, they would be habituated of this kind of behaviour.
    We all are human being. Our life Is revolving around time. Today, those who are young, definitely they will be old tomorrow. So, we should not be arrogant on young age.

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