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    Online study or classroom study, which one would you prefer?

    Covid pandemic has brought a lot of changes to the World to which all of us are witness. The pandemic has also brought a big change in the education field. Education has always been offline and classroom studies the only known form. From School to College to University and even the advanced studies, everything has always been offline.

    Slowly, things changed and distance education also became a regular affair, but this pandemic has turned each and every form of education to online affair. Be it school, or University everything is now online. Students have also become habituated to it as well as the teachers.

    As education in online mode is also possible, if given a chance, what would you prefer? Online education or classroom education and why?
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    We have been habituated to class room studies since the ages and we never got the opportunity to go for online studies in the past. Due to corona pandemic only there was a compulsion on the part of schools and colleges to go for the online type of education and we never sought for it. My support is for class room way of education because, it inculcates the schooling habit, it teaches ethics, it imparts education and over all a child is molded to a great citizen from the class room because his behavior , character and leadership qualities are recognized and regarded from the class room and we cannot find these features in on line classes. Moreover there would close bonding between the teacher and the student and between the student and now that is gone missing and the very connect of good education gone for the toss.
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    If you ask me my individual preference is always classroom study only. Always classroom will give you a better ambience to study and learn. Even for a teacher classroom teaching will be better than online teaching. Eye to eye contact will be there between the teacher and the student. When the teaching is going on each can be observing the other. That will make the students be more cautious and they can ask the teacher in case of any doubt.
    In a virtual classroom, the ambience will never be like a real classroom. The teacher may be observing the students and but students can't see each other. The parents of the student should take more responsibility and see that students are attentive in the online study.
    When the teacher is standing before you and when the student is among many other students the behaviours of the student will be different and when he is alone that too with a phone in his hands the behaviour will be different.

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    Definitely, I would prefer a classroom study. We are habituated of this mode of education for a long time. We had no idea about the online class. This pandemic created this habit. As I know, many people started to learn computer in this lockdown because of necessity. Offline class are much better than an online class. Children interact with teacher and friend very openly whereas, an online class is boring and bonding between teacher and student has been seen very weak.

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    For the students class room study is preferred as it develops them in an all round way. In schools, we not only learn academics but learn a great deal about how to co exist with other students, play with them without fighting, learn the group dynamics and many things that we do not learn sitting in house. So for children, class room study is must to gain so many benefits out of it. For adults, who are already having a career in hand doing a course in class room mode is not advisable as they do not have so much time to devote and it would be better if they go for the online mode for enhancing their learnings and knowledge.
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    We were accustomed to the class line modes while we attended schools and colleges in our system education some fifty years back and it is not that such a system was not prevalent prior to corona phase. There has been reversal of the class mode to on line mode due to spread of this virus only. The off line mode has several drawbacks including the inaccessibility of the tutors, professors taking care of our teaching modes. In case of any confusion, the teachers proved to be of immediate help. So in that way, the pupils had the greater confidence among themselves. On line mode lacks such a feature essential for the overall growth. Even voting if done pupils would resort to off line mode.

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    Classroom learning pertains to the physical presence of teachers and students in the class where teachers focus on all students and considering their abilities of comprehension he tries to expound each of them easily so that each of them could understand what is taught in the class. Students in classroom learning, actively participate in asking questions and getting their queries resolved. It provides a dynamic learning experience. Dialogues among individuals lead to the flow of conversations and provide an opportunity to share their experiences.

    On the other hand, in e-learning, this kind of physical interaction between teachers and students is not there but it is possible through emails, chats, forums and webinars. In e-Learning, students study in confinement and need to be self-motivated. Brilliant students can do it easily but on another end, weak students or those who can't understand in one go they may face problems. Another problem may come before teachers when they want to their students by doing some kind of practical. However, students can try to understand all practical related activities when he teaches students, however, practical in physical presence in the classroom is more effective and viable than online.

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    Online study is right now the only option for learners due to to the covid19 pandemic but not my preferred method. Online study provides amazing opportunities for learners and equips them with every kind of study material. When schools are shut learners don't have any other option to get access to learning material other than the online learning.
    But I strongly feel the online system can't take place of the traditional system. There are amazing benefits of classroom learning. It provides students with the opportunity to talk face to face with each other. The classroom atmosphere fills in learners with positivity when they get to meet each other. The learning experience that students get in the classroom and when a teacher teaches in the class is amazing. Classroom learning develops more interest and focuses on students better than in the online system.
    Therefore , I feel traditional learning is much more beneficial than online learning. Many students don't have access to online learning while the traditional system open to everyone.

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