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    How are the job opportunities in Pune or Mumbai/Thane as compared to Kolkata?

    I completed Btech EE from Kolkata in 2017. After working in an industrial automation panel manufacturing company in Kolkata in 2018, I went to Pune in 2019 and after trying there to search for jobs in a few months, I got one opportunity in the Thane district in a PLC-based control panel manufacturing company in June 2019. Recently I lost this job because of COVID 19 and I had to return to Kolkata this year because of this pandemic. I also realized that a factory job is not suitable for me. Also, I have an interest in the Data analyst, AI, and ML. I am preparing for a job role as a data analyst. Is it worth searching for this job role as an entry-level in Pune or Thane/Mumbai?

    During the one-year stay in Maharashtra both in Pune and Thane, I was fond of the culture of Maharashtra, foods, and people of Maharashtra, and weather (except summer and monsoon) much better than my state WB and other states I visited. I was also fond of the scenic view of Pune and Thane such as the beautiful Pune Mumbai Expressway, hills, and mountains in Thane and Pune district, and also several sea beaches in Mumbai within a few kilometers radius which I don't even find in West Bengal other than Digha, Darjeeling and small hills at Puruliya. I also found that the people of Maharashtra are adjustable and humble and don't quarrel over small things which is exactly the opposite in Kolkata and West Bengal as per my observation. Therefore I loved these places and culture in Maharashtra and had a plan to stay, settle there. Moreover, I had rented a flat at Bhiwandi near Thane with a rent of 7000 per month, and my parent (government service employed father) is paying the rent. I couldn't leave the flat because of the COVID situation. I and my mother used to stay there in that flat near Thane when I had a job in the Thane district. Therefore I am searching for jobs there. Moreover, my mother used to stay with me because of the irritating family problems with my father, grandmother, and other maids in my home in Kolkata. Also, I also want to find a Maharashtrian girl as a partner later (after some years) because based on my observation they are more simple, humble as compared to that in West Bengal. Will Bengali Marathi's marriage possible in the future?

    I had also one best friend from college in Kolkata. We were the same classmate both in the Electrical Engineering field. He is originally from Bihar. He is also a good wisher of me. He gave me company during college life when I was alone. He tried to improve my fault. He is in a job in an underground pipeline company in hazardous sites which I feel not comfortable to do because of some defect in my leg (hallux valgus). Still, we keep in touch at least once or twice a month. He has a good term with my mother also. He sometimes asks me whether I can do the job in his line which he is working. I want to keep this friendship forever. Will this be possible to maintain this good friendship even if he will be getting married very soon (maybe in 2021 in their own Bihar culture), even if I will be in another field of the job (i,e, in the analytics field or IT field) and even if I will be involved in Maharashtrian culture after settling in a job there as I am fond of this culture and find a right Maharashtrian partner as a Bengali man after some years.

    Also, I want my parents to stay in Kolkata because I want to stay independent in a rented flat in Maharashtra which my father is paying but my mother doesn't want me to stay independent because of the family problem between father and mother. Can this continuous problem between father and mother be adjustable or curable with a psychologist who will treat them at home even after their ages between the 50s and 60s (my father is almost 60 and mother is 54). I also had a problem of not mixing with any people in school/ mixing with only one best friend in college life. Even I also had a stammering problem. Now I realized this and am trying to improve from this which will take time.
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    You seek advice on a number of issues and this is not really a topic for forum discussion. I can see three main issues here - job prospects in a city in Maharashtra, ideally in Thane; possibility of getting a life partner from a Maharashtrian family; settingly the constant quarrels between your parents . May I suggest - you could submit them as individual queries in our Ask Expert section. As for your inability to socialize and stammering - these have been covered in our Ask Expert section.

    With regard to taking up the same work as your friend - should you take up a job merely to keep the friendship going? Good friendships are lifelong, irrespective of distance and what each friend does. There may be long gaps in communicating with each other, too, but you can pick up from where you left off. That's what genuine, solid, friendships are about. Do not let others decide your career for you. Stick to what is comfortable for you as per your qualifications and expertise. All the best in whatever path you choose to follow!

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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