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    Some students have extraordinary talent

    Some people are really genius and have special qualities which common people don't have and what they can do common people find it difficult to do or it is beyond their capacity and ability to perform.
    One of my cousins is working as a clerk in an inter college he told me about a job interview for different faculties. It's a minority government aided college. This interview held a few years ago when management had the power to interview for appointment and management committee would send of names of shortlisted candidates to education department for approval of appointment. and appointed letter would be issued by concerned department to candidates whose names were recommended by the college management.

    A young man came from Aligarh to offer his candidature for the post of Math PGT. He had completed his M.Sc. in Mathematics and B.Ed. When he faced interview board, a paper of intermediate math examination held recently was placed before him and was asked to solve it. Without seeing the questions paper, he asked them, "Should I solve it in ascending order or in descending order?"
    A member asked, " What do you mean to say?"
    He replied, " Should I do it from question to answer or answer to question"?
    He asked surprisingly,"You mean to say that first you will write the answer and then reverse it question?"
    A Board member took the paper back and chose some hard questions to solve, and he solved them within a few minutes. All the board members were astonished to his command over mathematics.
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    True. Some students will have extraordinary capabilities. Some people can remember the whole poem just by reading once and they repeat the poem without seeing the book again. That is their remembrance power. Some students have to spend a lot of time to understand the subject. But some will grasp within no time. That depends on the IQ level of the individual.
    My granddaughter heard a Sanskrit sloka that is being chanted by her grandmother once or twice. She started chanting that sloka on her own without any mistake. By seeing that we thought she will grasp the slokas fast and we started telling her. Now she is able to chant 12 slokas from Bhagavadgita without any mistake. She chants 10 slokas from Soundryalahari. She will repeat the sloka by hearing 2 or 3 times.
    Some people will be good at maths and some will be good at science and all this depends on the interest of the person. As mentioned by the author there may be some people who can solve difficult mathematical problems very easily.

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    The present day students are having some extraordinary talent and many can solve their scholastic problems within seconds and be the front runner for promotion and selection to big contests. Not that they are intelligent by birth, they inculcate the learning experience through the valid interest and urge to know many things. Some students have good grasps power and they have good memory power too and that helps them to be one step ahead than others. But one thing is sure a child is intelligent by birth with small traits and that need to be recognized and understood by the parents and give a fillip to the new thoughts emanated from the child mind and thus give him sweeping freedom of his expression and interest through which new ideas and matters can be implemented at will and that would be big success.
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    The natural gifted talent is different in different people and some are very sharp while others are mediocre. Why this happens is to be fathomed out by the biological scientists one day but as on today we take it as a gift from the almighty. There are two things in this aspect and first is the natural intelligence and other is the practice. When both are good it is icing on the cake. Another important aspect is it is not necessary that such a person will be excellent in all the fields. Generally they will have some liking and inclination for a particular stream like Mathematics in the said case and some other discipline or field in other cases. So, they will be extraordinary brilliant in some of the areas and definitely that is a very creditable thing.
    Knowledge is power.

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