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    Nitish Kumar re-elected as CM of Bihar

    Nitish Kumar has been re-elected as CM of Bihar but he will be proven as a weak CM because his party could win only 43 seats whereas BJP got the tally of 74 seats. 2 Deputy CM and 7 ministers of BJP, 5 of JDU, 1 each of HAM and VIP were sworn in by State Governer. Also, the Office of the speaker of Assembly will be occupied by BJP.

    On the other side, MHB is a resoluted and steady on its stand that the mandate of people was in favour of MGB but results were declared in favour of NDA by Election Commission. It's a serious allegation on the credibility of Election Body. About this issue, earlier, abiding by the procedure of complaint, they approached Election Commission claiming that more or less in 2 dozen constituencies their candidates were declared defeated by Returning Officers despite winning their seats. But Election Commission rejected their application of recounting stating that elections were held quite fair and there was no manipulation in the counting of votes.

    Now, MGB has decided to resort to Supreme Court for recounting postal ballots of 21 constituencies. They are in touch with lawyers and retired election commissioners. Now lets us what happens further.
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    Really Bihar election results gave a great excitement and tension to the political parties as well as people. The exit polls gave a confusing picture of Bihar results. The results tilted from one side to the other throughout the result day were no political pandits foretell the final result. Many candidates won their seats with a meager margin of few tens or hundreds of votes. There is utter confusion in the final result announcement. Actually, young Tejaswi Yada was the real hero in this election as he single-handedly reached close to the victory mark. With a few hundred difference of votes, he lost the elections. Really it is a closely fought election. The dispute in the court may sometimes bring alteration in the results. Next, what happens we have to wait and see.

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    In a close fight, it is always the practice for the loser to complaint against the winner in one way or the other. Even the United States election has such a problem. I think, it was a fair election in Bihar and the loser should accept it and fight well in the next election.
    What is important is the BJP and JD(U) should cooperate and rule the state.

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    The party to which Nitish Kumar belongs to won fewer seats than BJP. So in the governance, he has to depend more on BJP. If any dispute comes he may go away from BJP and join with Tejsawi and again form the government and again he will be a weak CM only. But anything is possible in Indian politics. We can't say something is impossible.
    No doubt the election is very close and the majorities are less. But we need not suspect any foul play by Election Commission. When the majorities are less these allegations will come and we need not take them very seriously. Anyhow the people who are having doubts went to the court and the court will look into the cases and do the needful.
    I wish a successful term to Nitish as CM of Bihar once again. Let us hope the friendship between BJP and Nitish will continue for the next five years without any problem.

    always confident

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    Wherever no clear cut majority is obtained by a single party, coalition Govt comes in picture. In many states it had happened in past and those Govt are going ahead nicely. So I do not think that the Nitish Kumar Govt will be weak but only thing would be that he will have to take the allies in confidence for any decision and that is not a big deal. When you are in coalition it is the normal thing to do. BJP has got a good number of seats and they are not bothered for the CM post as BJP is a party with long view. They are not thinking of short time gains as their eyes are on their future prospects.
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    We all know that the Bihar elections were faught with Nitish Kumar having projected as the CM candidate and the PM Modi has given him clean chit of good administration, development and striven hard to make Bihar developing. However the JDU performed poor than expected but BJP which one more seats as a coalition partner never demanded the CM post and in fact PM Modi wanted Nitish Kumar to continue as the CM again. That proves the broad mind of PM and BJP and with this great trait the BJP has set a example that they are not after the power hungry ways of Congress. Now the CM Nitish Kumar would be functioning more cautiously and responsibly because the BJP has reposed faith in him and he should give more performance than the expected . And Congress has been strongly kicked out from Bihar.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This alliance is worked out by very experienced and seasoned politicians and BJP was seeking an opportunity to have a say in the politics of Bihar as local parties had a powerful presence there. So this is a convenient coalition and I do not think that it is going to fall apart so easily. One thing which is strange and surprising is that the people of Bihar are still charmed by the family in which the senior most person is prisoned for high level corruption.
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    @SuN: I do agree with you that no rigging and no manipulation in counting was done but if they are not satisfied to the result then what is wrong if their Complaint is heard. Do they have no legal right to lodge a complaint against so-called injustice against them?
    They are emphasising on two issues:
    1: They claim that as per rule/law postal ballots should be counted before the EVMs are opened but in this elections postal ballots were counted after the counting of votes in EVMs. Why ?
    2: that postal ballots were cancelled in large number like 700-900 constituency wise. If their claim is true then it has never happened in entire history that so many postal ballots were cancelled because those who are government employees use their right of vote through postal ballots and they are educated and they know very well how to vote. This blunder is not expected from almost all the government employees that they didn't know how to vote. This is why MGB is confident .
    I think MGB should be proven wrong by getting recounting done.
    What legal aspect of this matter is Court will decide according to law.

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