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    Why is that we do not have the patience to look inwards?

    More often than not, we are blinded when it comes to our own weaknesses. We criticize others and even gang up against someone for whatever reason. This often happens in most corporate organizations. At home, we ventilate all anger on our wives or husbands, or even children.

    The precise point is that when we ourselves have so many weaknesses, we have no right to talk about others. Or, at best, we should at least be guarded in whatever we speak, at any point in time.

    This is exactly why our elders and forefathers made it a point to get feedback from others about their behavior. Until just forty years ago, life was not as complicated as it is today. We did not have smartphones; we did not have to deal with the problem of overuse of such phones by children who are just five years old.

    The more we think of others and their ways of living or behavior or whatever, the more we need to look inwards. Harsh words uttered in the family cannot be taken back. We need serious introspection at whatever we do. Our behavior is not that easy to understand and this is precisely why we need to be even more careful at any attempt in looking inwards.
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    It is easy to raise figures on others on the mistakes they commit but forget our own weaknesses. More often we forget errors and faults that we commit intentionally or unintentionally but castigate others when they commit the same mistakes.
    Everyone has certain weaknesses that must not be exploited by others. Everyone should realise their responsibilities and act accordingly without insulting others in the family for flaws.
    Nobody is perfect in this world. People commit mistakes and learn new things in life. Mistakes are not artilleries that would destroy the status quo but provides learning curve in life. Mistakes committed by any family member must be concealed and guided properly without hurting sentiments of members in the family. Everyone has certain weaknesses, forgetting one's own faults and criticising others is unfair.

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    I agree with the author. It's a universal fact that nobody is perfect and everyone is fallible. Sometimes we commit mistakes by mistake or sometimes, deliberately. But doing character assassination or finding faults in others or raising finger at others despite knowing that they themselves are worse than them. What can be said about these people, simply avoid them and move on. We can't expect them to introspect because introspection is expected from those people whose conscience is still alive but most of them have intered their conscience under the mud. They are proficient in mudslinging and most bizarre thing is that they are supported and their ill-comments are endorsed.

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    The author is correct. To cover up the mistakes we did, we always try to find faults with others. This happens many times in many organisations. But a person who introspects and understand his weaknesses and improve will develop faster than his counterparts. This is also a fact that proved many times.
    When we try to point out a finger towards somebody, automatically the other 4 fingers will point towards us. So we should remember this fact. Another thing is that by finding fault with others, you are not getting any benefit. But in Corporates, people move on some time by finding fault with others. But they can't survive for a long time as you can't progress unless otherwise, you perform.
    Some people try to please their bosses by criticising the people so that their boss will be happy with them. I have seen many instances like this in some organisations.

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    In the present atmosphere, we want to cover up our weakness and the entire blame is shifted to rest of workers for the dismal performance. To some extent, such a policy is sustainable for a short period. Hence to manage the show in terms of work, such a policy would not yield result. We have to go in depth of the work and all the techniques are to be employed to emerge successful ultimately.
    Such people may create impact by being critical to the opponents whom the boss does not like. To maintain such a posture is a win win situation since the boss would praise such subordinates and secondly such workers need not perform any work so long the boss is in the chair. However the game may reverse with the transfer of the boss and these oily toung staffs would not have any option but to concentrate on the work alloted to them.

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    A nice thought put up by the author. We have a habit of criticising others and finding fault with others and in our excitement we blame every one that they are wrong. We even go to the extent that in our eyes all leaders are corrupt and they do not know how to run the country. I am sure that if some of us are given a chance to run the show most of us would be a utter failure. So it is definitely a time to introspect and find where we stand before blaming others for all the things some of which are even not at all connected with those persons. Introspection will bring solutions to these misconceptions.
    Knowledge is power.

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    When we are habituated to mudslinging and taking on the works of others and blaming them. we do not have the time to set right the issues which are bothering us from inside. Those are the winners who change their attitude and behavior and seek inner engineering to change to the situation. Moreover many of us are not the self probing persons and we heavily depend on the others to make comments and reviews on our life and movements. Nothing can match the self assessment and that gives rise to change in the life and also the improvements can be implemented.
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    It is very difficult for a person to understand himself, a few people can master over it. Some need to get guidance and support from others. When ever a person points out our mistakes we should take it positively, take steps to improve ourselves and follow a few practices to comeout of our weakness.
    Secondly, we have to evaluate ourselves from time to time, enhance our skills by adding values, updating and upgrading should be the trend to fall in pace with the technology. Criticisms may look better on face but will loose its value in the real essence when the truth comes forward. Keep your selves away from misunderstand, learn to evaluate yourselves on a regular basis.

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    It is basic human nature that no one wants to see faults within. We forgive ourselves for all those deficiencies that we have and see the world just by sitting on a high chair as if we have the all power of judgement to make. I have listened people commenting very lightly that he should not have done like that or he should have done like that and these are actually a sort of jealous or time passing statements made by the people.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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