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    Will this work to keep the mosquitoes away or kill them?

    The mosquitoes are the deadliest of human creatures that make us so afraid of many diseases. They are deadly and now the dengue menace is real. Various "natural" remedies are also being talked about.

    Look at this for example. This remedy comes from a Youtube video in Tamil. It is somewhat simple, but the larger question is whether can be an electric shock or short circuit if we attempt the remedy.

    The lady in the video advocates taking a fairly large quantity of neam leaves and getting it first crushed in a mixie and then adding that to burning coconut oil or the oil that is sold as most suitable for pooja lamps in the market. The powdered leaves should be heated up on low flame for some twenty minutes. After this, the remedy becomes even more interesting. We need to filter the oil, cool it completely, and store it in the same empty container that we get the chemical-based "All out" or similar products that are supposed to kill mosquitos.

    We can safely plug into the socket and use it like we normally use the "All out" range or products. Is it safe? Will the oil be heated up beyond the normal range and create a nuisance at night? Will be it safe from the electrical angle?

    Someone like Dr. Rao, who is an expert on these matters may please tell us about this remedy.
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    Mosquito is a God-created insect to test the patience of human beings. There is no effective drug to kill mosquitoes. The available mosquito destroyers are temporary, and they cannot wipe out the entire mosquitoes present. Mosquitoes too have some escape routes. They are cleverer than human beings. They don't fall prey to All Out and Good Night tablets or neem leaves.

    The best way to safeguard and protect from mosquitos is a good quality mosquito net.

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    Neem oil-based mosquito repellents are available in the market also. These are made based on the neem oil extracts. Neem oil is a very good insecticide and it is effective for mosquito killing. Another advantage is this will not have any respiratory problems that we face with chemical repellents. There are two ways to use this neem oil extract against mosquitos.
    Take neem oil and mix it with coconut oil in equal proportions. This mixture can be applied to the body so that mosquitos will be away.
    Another method is similar to what the author has explained in this thread. You can use an empty container and the heating system given by the chemical repellent supplier. You can use the oil made above and fill the container and if you want you can add a little camphor also. The smell of camphor also will keep mosquitos at a distance.

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    This is something new I am coming across as the product is Neem mosquito repellent and the author also shared how to make and use it. But when the thing is not famous and seems to be new for many there seems to be the credibility to usability of the same for our needs. It is the fact that dried Neem leaves when consigned to flame and when smoke emanates the mosquitoes run for safety and even die. I have seen such treatment given at the cow or the buffalo den where the animals are bothered by the mosquitoes and this kind of Neem treatment is given to drive away the mosquitoes and as far as the author procedure it is new to me.
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    There are some natural remedies for repelling mosquitoes. Neem is one of the popular one. The formulation suggested by the author seems to be useful as it finally contains the vapour of the Neem leaves only. I do not think that the heat of a common mosquito repeller available in market in which we replace the liquid bottle often will explode or burn the suggested oil and Neem combination.
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    There are many mosquito repellents available in the market. But, neem-based mosquito repellant is considered as one of the effective repellants. I have seen using this mosquito repellent. There would not be a problem in using it. Neem leaves are not only used as medicine but refresh the air. As mentioned above by the author this treatment also has been effective in drive away a mosquito.

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    As mentioned by the author, Neem leaves if burnt would drive away the mosquitos and in the past, I have seen the our old generation to use this tip. Burning til oil immersed with a piece of camphor provides the similar solution.
    However, Neem is known for its antibacterial and anti fungus property and burning the same in lamp would repel the mosquitos due its pungent smell. Unlike the chemicals being used in the mosquito repellents, Neem is more safe in terms of health safety.

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