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    People are ready to spend money but they would not waste time

    Over the past few years I am observing the great shift of behavior from the people especially the youth who are ready to spend money either to purchase or want to experience a service but not ready to waste their time. They are ready to pay extra money for anything and everything short in their life but would not part with their valuable time and thus most of the techies fall under this category as they want to live hassle free life but they are very strict in parting with time. What is your observation on this matter.
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    It is an acceptable change in the present scenario where every small activity is getring digitalised than physical or mental activity. Few years back, we were getting our provisions and the household articles by ourselves paying cash but now even the vegetables are door delivered through cashless payments. Are we becoming lazier day by day? These questions drags us to the unhealthy day to day activities making a big hole in our pockets for paying hospital bills.
    In the event of looking about the time constraints we have totally forgotten about our health, this has to be given more importance than time, else time will teach us a lesson but we cannot get back our health.

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    Time is the most valuable commodity for those who have important activities in hand and in such situation one would care for the time one is having in hand and would not waste it in ordinary transactions. But this would be true of those people who are really having such time constraints. There are many who do not have any work or agenda in their life and they do not mind loitering here and there and just wasting the time.
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    The author has aptly highlighted the issue based on reality. This issue is two faceted. First, people have become in haste mentally regardless of whether or not they are too much busy and have no time. Second, is that those people who have a chunk of money in their pockets don't want to wait for their work done. They want to see that their work should be done immediately and for it, they are ready to pay money.

    Indeed, time is precious and when the person has little time to get his work done and if he waits for it he may incur a bigger loss, in this situation there is nothing wrong if he spends money to get his work done at the earliest to save his time but those people who have no such urgency, notwithstanding, they spend their hard-earned money on it are merely wasting their money. Anyways, this is the personal matter of the people. What they decide for themselves they are free to do.

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    Today, we are living a very busy life. So, time is money for many of us. Many people prefer to pay extra money instead of spending time. So, you can see that now most of the people prefer to go by flight even though, it is not far. This pandemic has made us more time saver. Now, we are addicted to online shopping for every kind of purchase from vegetable to furniture. We are restricted up to this technology. As a result, we are compelled to lead an unhealthy life.

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    Time is the most important entity in our lives and it is the essence of everything. Unfortunately only a few people understand its importance and utilise it properly. Those who care for it, are the persons who do not waste time in petty matters as they have something better to do in their schedule. Those who can afford would not mind paying a bit high if it is saving them time. It is said that time is money and each bit of time can be related to some financial and social gain if one utilises it in that precise way. Taming time is not an easy task but there is no harm in trying it.
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    Time is precious. You can earn money but you can't get back already passed time. There are many ways to earn. But there is no way to purchase time. When we go for purchases we may have to waste a lot of time in commuting. By doing online purchases we can save some time. That time can be used for some other activity. But in this bargain, we should not neglect our health and family life. They are more important. The time spent on these issues can't be thought of wasting time.
    Time management is very important. Wasting time on social media unnecessarily is a real waste of time. So we should not get addicted to that. Make hay while the sun shines. So when we have energy and chance we should earn and we should not waste time. At the same time, we should not waste money also and we should keep some reserves for emergencies.

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