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    Heavy rush at the online E seva centers in Hyderabad

    The state govt got the go ahead signal from the EC which is now preparing to conduct the Hyderabad GHMC civic polls and gave the accent that rupees 10,000 can be distributed and deposited to the flood victims who suffered the loss in the recent floods. But the order seems to be misunderstood by the people as non flooded area residents are queuing up before the Eseva centers early in the morning to apply for their chance to get the money. And those who applied two days back already got the money into their bank account.
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    If the state government is helping flood-affected people it should be applauded. It's a great step of the government. It proves them that they understand the feelings of the people and realizing their sufferings and problems. It's good to know that who have already followed the required procedure has got the announced money in their respective bank accounts.
    The author has written about those people who are not affected by floods, nevertheless, they are trying to register their names in the list of potential amount payees shows that these people are hoping to get money too.
    Such schemes of the government which alleviate sufferings of common people are praiseworthy. People need such rulers who understand the problems of people because they elect them with this hope that they will help them if people face such toward circumstances.

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    Today morning also I have seen a big crowd near the e- Seva Kendra in my area. Many people just gathered without any precautions. No masks, no social distancing and no sanitizers. The police were struggling to control them. They all came there to register their names for the compensation. But the most unfortunate issue is that people who really suffered are not getting the money. But the people who stay in upper areas are getting the money. During the floods my driver's house sheets got spoiled. But that area is not covered under this flooded area and he is not getting the money. Just the opposite side of the house, all houses are intact. But they are claiming the money. A majority of this money is going back to wine shops and from there at least 30% will go back to government as taxes. In the entire episode, the loser is the taxpayer and the common man
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    In the name of flood victims, people were seen queuing up in the lines before e centres to claim their claims for Rs 10,000/-. Though on the part of government in AP, it is a welcome move to provide relief to the victims affected due to floods. But the real sufferers are not seen in such ques. Even some of the sufferers are not aware of such notifications released by the government. In that way, there will be misuse of the funds to be percolated to the affected mass. Care has to be taken up by the authorities to ensure that the amount disbursed are the real beneficiaries exclusively and no loot of such a fund should take place.

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    It is really surprising that there is no verification before distributing the money. Actually the name should be forwarded by the municipal member or other such agency so that the help is rendered to the affected people only. Just because someone is residing near that area which was flood affected does not mean that he will get the money so easily. Only those where food waters entered and did havoc deserve it. We are in general poor in record keeping and governance and same is being depicted here. There is no surprise element. It is only mismanagement or avoid the proper way of working which is generally strenuous.
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